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unixmad 09-18-2014 10:24 AM

Graal v6.113 for Windows Released
Just released Graal version 6.113 for Windows :D

You can download as usual from our web site:

Major improvements:
- Support for international text / UTF8
- Compatible with the latest versions for iOS, Android and Facebook
- Fixed several bugs

Cubical 09-18-2014 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by unixmad (Post 1731196)
- fixed several bugs

in b4


Originally Posted by jakov_the_jakovasaur (Post 1731102)
can somebody who works on a mobile server pretend that bitwise operations are used on serverside so this can be fixed?

Matt 09-18-2014 12:21 PM

Cool. ^^

samich 09-18-2014 02:15 PM

Are there any official change logs available? I would really like to see what exactly was improved; as a dev, this matters to me!

Regardless, yay!

[Edit]: So yeah, finding quite a few bugs.

MysticalDragon 09-18-2014 02:33 PM

awesome, great stuff. Does this include the bug fixes for the password issue?

NicoX 09-18-2014 02:48 PM

Nice news :)

Jakov_the_Jakovasaur 09-18-2014 03:31 PM


you might want to add this as an install package on the login server in order for in-game players to download the latest client, after all what is the point of allowing those with the newest client to use international characters when they cant be seen by those still using the older client?



having logged on to a server and tried this, the following messages was received in remote control even though the file is neither uploaded to or being requested from the server:


Requested file DroidSansFallback.ttf is larger than the maximum allowed file size (1048576)

Requested file DroidSansJapanese.ttf is larger than the maximum allowed file size (1048576)
this message keeps repeating itself in rc which is getting really annoying!


*EDIT 2*

the support for international characters doesnt work properly with guis, interfaces and rc logs, including when you attempt to paste international characters into the chat bar

luckily it appears this can be disabled by doing:

PHP Code:


function onCreated()
enableutf8 false

it should really have been disabled by default!



the background for alert/notifications gui no longer appears, plus the text has changed to black which makes it harder to read -

Jakov_the_Jakovasaur 09-18-2014 04:42 PM


Originally Posted by samich (Post 1731203)
Are there any official change logs available? I would really like to see what exactly was improved; as a dev, this matters to me!


as the self-appointed new technical director of graal online i will post the new script capabilities

PHP Code:

$pref::graal::utf8fontfile string the font file to use for utf8/unicode text (all code pages starting from 1
disableapnoheal boolean makes it possible to heal if you are below 40 ap
boolean makes it possible to hurt the player if having ap 100
boolean (default: true) - enables utf8/unicode text display
integer the default tile used for preloading levelsby default 0
(strintint) - parameters are font filestart page and endpagethis defines a font to use for specific utf8 character pages 
(strstrstr) - returns string decrypts dataparameters are the AES keyinit vector (16 bytes) and the datawhich must have a length of multiple of 16 
(strstrstr) - returns string encrypts dataparameters are the AES keyinit vector (16 bytes) and the datawhich must have a length of multiple of 16 otherwise it will be filled with null bytes
() - clears all utf8 font files previously defined with addUTF8FontRange() 
des_decrypt(strstr) - returns string decrypts data with DES algorithmparameters are key and data 
(strstr) - returns string encrypts data with DES algorithmparameters are key and data
(str) - returns object finds a global variable
() - returns string distribution platform (amazongoogleplay etc.)
gethttprequestforurl(str) - returns object finds an active http request with the given url 
() - returns object
() - returns float the last time a file or a chunk of a file has been received from the Graal server 
() - returns float the last time a file has been requested from the Graal server 
() - returns float the last time a file or a chunk of a file has been received from a web server 
() - returns float the last time a file has been requested from a web server
() - returns integer get's the local time in seconds since 1970, is the same as int(timevar2) on server-side
isstringutf8(str) - returns boolean - checks if a text is in correct UTF8 format (unicode)
rc4_cipher(str, str) - returns string - encrypts or decrypts data, parameters are the RC4 key and the data
rsa_decrypt(str, str) - returns string - decrypts data, parameters are the private RSA key and the data 
rsa_encodesignature(str) - returns string - encodes a signature in DER format with SHA1 container (for verification) 
rsa_encrypt(str, str) - returns string - encrypts data, parameters are the public RSA key and the data 
rsa_sign(str, str) - returns string - generates a signature, parameters are the private RSA key and the data, the data usual is a hash of the actual data 
rsa_verify(str, str, str) - returns boolean - verififies a signature, parameters are the public RSA key, the data and the signature
sha256(str) - returns string - calculates a sha256 hash on the specified string
saveimagetostring(str) - returns string - returns the raw image data, parameter is a filename to specify the image type (.png, .jpg, .bmp) 
saveimagetostring2(str, int) - returns string - returns the raw image data, parameter is a filename to specify the image type (.png, .jpg, .bmp), second parameter is the bitdepth (24 or 32)
gamefile - string (read only) - the data will be saved as gamefile under this filename 
lastdatatime - float (read only) - time when data has been received by the HTTP server 
sslcipherlist - string - sets the SSL encryption and integrity check (e.g. AES-128-MD5)
sslprotocol - string - sets the SSL protocol (SSLv3, TLSv1 etc.), but normally not needed 
sslverifycert - string - sets the SSL verification certificate or certificate chain (buffer not file) 


PHP Code:


theres a couple of neat small things that would benefit servers that use default systems, but it looks like default compus baddies were removed even though stefan knew full well they are still used on un

Cubical 09-18-2014 04:46 PM

damn... putcomp was the base of my whole playerworld. how will i put new comps now...

alskdjfhg 09-18-2014 05:05 PM

No UDP support? :(

Jakov_the_Jakovasaur 09-18-2014 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Cubical (Post 1731197)
in b4

bitwise operations are no longer working on clientside!

Gold1 09-18-2014 06:44 PM

Shitload of bugs.
Can't set guild tags with special characters in your nickname.
Open the Q menu and it boots me out.
Reset's GUI back to defaults as well as option settings every time I log on.
Please fix this.
It's annoying.

Cubical 09-18-2014 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by Gold1 (Post 1731219)
Shitload of bugs.
Can't set guild tags with special characters in your nickname.
Open the Q menu and it boots me out.
Reset's GUI back to defaults as well as option settings every time I log on.
Please fix this.
It's annoying.

new features

Gold1 09-18-2014 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by Cubical (Post 1731220)
new features

I'm not amused.

Gold1 09-18-2014 07:01 PM

Also a small but cool addition would be, if Graal could support all special characters rather than a select few.

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