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Shaun 05-13-2006 07:36 PM

Hello, for Dolphonia (read this:, I am going to require those who have a sufficient grasp of Economics. Why? After reading my brief document on Dolphonia, one may notice the need to understand resource and financial management for the server's survival.

While I myself am capable of handling any of the economic aspects myself individually, I will not be able to be online at all times and manage all things. There will be a need for mayors, bank managers, firm managers, etc. While I find economics to be common sense with a very slight shred of mathematics, I have concluded after observing any economy that has existed on GraalOnline that perhaps it is not true for a majority of the population. Because of this, even if you have no formal education in economics but show a good grasp of a logical branch mathematics (algebra, calculus, etc), I would be more than happy to teach you and be there as a reference for when you need help.

So, does anybody, with a grasp of logical mathematics (or perhaps even economics) have any interest in getting some prep work done to become a player-leader for Dolphonia? It would show a great deal of character and would give me a list to work with when it comes to consider who I wish to be selected as Judges.

Thanks. Take care.

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