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LimetasticSlushy 12-11-2016 04:35 AM

Terms of Service?
I'm having trouble finding any sort of ToS or anything. Can anybody help me out here?

TSAdmin 12-11-2016 07:57 AM

Here is a link to the User Agreement and one to the Code of Conduct. The privacy statement is linked at the bottom of every GraalOnline web page, both forums and front-facing website.

Furthermore, here are the Forum Rules. I personally have these links in my forum signature and I believe so does Darlene, the Forum Administrator, however I was also unable to easily locate a way to access the documents directly on the GraalOnline website. I cannot say why this is, that would be up to the company to address.

Crono 12-11-2016 11:18 AM

thanks tsa

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