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darkriders_p2p 07-19-2002 10:22 PM

[Graal Classic] GP Hiring Open
Posting for Chronos:
With the quitting and firing of the recent GPs,the newly appointed GP Administrator, Hoss, has decided it's about time to start recruiting again. There will be a simple questionnaire that you will have to fill out and send to [email protected] Applications will be open for one week and to be safe, we will be deleting any email that contains any sort of attachment. Once we recieve enough emails, we will pick out the top few applications and will begin interviewing.
These will also be posted on the classic webpage (E-mail to
[email protected])
1) What is your account name?
2) How old are you?
3) How long have you played Graal?
4) In estimation, what is your online time on your main account?
5) If you were hired, what would you do to make Graal Classic a better server to play on?
6) What is your least favorite rule of the server?
7) If you could make a new rule to the Graal Classic server, what would it be and why?
8) Do you have any staff supporters? If so, who? (Do not include GC/FAQ members. FAQ Captains/Admin are O.K.)
9)What timezone are you in?
10) Have you ever been previously jailed/banned, if so, how and why? (This question was just added, do not resubmit applications to those already sent in)

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