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gemini2 12-02-2007 11:51 PM

Server Renewal?
If I payed for a server before the whole idea of developer guilds was released and put into effect, can I still renew it in the older fashion? Without the requirement of more people than just myself? Alberto, Aeko and I -- and occasionally Jadus -- are the only ones who work on the server, and it is actually going somewhere.

Angel_Light 12-02-2007 11:59 PM

yes, if you look at the subscriptions there is a Developer Gold ( +1 Year) Which is $99 and can be payed by one account.

gemini2 12-02-2007 11:59 PM

Oh, sorry I missed that...Stupid me. Thanks, Omega.

Angel_Light 12-03-2007 12:44 AM

No problem. =P

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