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Switch 10-06-2007 01:01 AM

Questions / Kingdoms T-Rex Fighting
Title is pretty self-explanatory.
I recorded this on kingdoms. ALL my GUIs were invisible during the recording on screen, and when I was done, it turned into a SOUND FILE. I set the option of type as avi(MPEG4) which is a video style (compressed avi) and it did NOTHING but record the sound. THen I tried again with the avi(uncompressed) and my GUIss still hid but the capture of image worked.
Okay, let me tell you now. ALL GUIs turn invisible on any type of file you're making.
When I tried with Windows Media selected (and yes, I have Windows) when I tried opening it, it said there was an error.

All types (except Flash) are attatched.

Admins 10-06-2007 02:05 AM

Hiding the GUI is an option, by default it is hiding the GUI and follows the player instead of recording the whole screen. Open the options (F3) and change that if you would like to record GUI stuff.

The videos work fine for me. The Windows Media Player doesn't seem to be shipped with many codecs, need to check if we can eventually support some more simpe/common codecs. You can also install the ffdshow decoder from a site like

Update: here uploaded your MPEG4 video to youtube:

Switch 10-06-2007 02:12 AM

but why didn't it work when I opened it as a file?? it jsut showed sound-things.

Admins 10-06-2007 02:18 AM

Missing codecs, the player needs to know the format (avi, wmv etc.) and also the compression codec. Most videos are nowadays compressed in formats like h264 and divx because they provide higher quality for less size.

Switch 10-06-2007 02:55 AM

Probably because of my dad's crappy computer, then.

You can close the topic if you want xD

Reason I made it was i was gonna be first to use it like u wanted to see but them THOUGHT I saw errors.

xXziroXx 10-06-2007 05:21 AM

Switch, there are two media players that cover all the common codecs and what not, search google for "DivX Player" and "VLC Media Player" - they'll get you covered. :)

Twinny 10-06-2007 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by xXziroXx (Post 1351229)
"VLC Media Player" - they'll get you covered. :)

VLC is my favourite media player but it seems to have problems with videos created by graal. It asks to fix the 'seek' of a video and they only seem to work every now and then. Windows Media Player does them fine every single time :oo:

Crow 10-06-2007 04:20 PM

Well, I think Graal's videos are not really .avi or whatever its saving them as.
What I would prefer over VLC though is "Media Player Classic". Just a single .exe, and should also play everything :]

Admins 10-06-2007 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by Twinny (Post 1351315)
VLC is my favourite media player but it seems to have problems with videos created by graal.

It should play the compressed videos fine

Tracker180 10-13-2007 12:18 AM

that's an old bug

Switch 10-13-2007 01:31 AM

It's a bug released with the new version. Is "new" as in about 6 days ago old to you?

Horrified 10-19-2007 02:41 PM

Perhaps stefan can make a "Graal Player"?

Give it to people who upgrade as an added bonus, plays graal videos flawlessly?

Seeing as how they don't always work on every type of video player.

Crow 10-19-2007 03:15 PM

WMP and Media Player Classic play the videos just fine.

Tracker180 10-20-2007 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by Switch (Post 1352606)
It's a bug released with the new version. Is "new" as in about 6 days ago old to you?

it was there a few months ago, I thought it was neat

Admins 10-20-2007 09:02 PM

the codecs
We can probably also add video playback directly in Graal sometime though

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