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Kaimetsu 08-12-2003 05:57 AM

I had an idea. Rather than sticky all the different tutorials that people make, I can just make a single thread that links to them. And here it is.

New_Gut's pixel art tutorials:
Part one*
Part two*
Part three*

(All three abovewere originally posted in the New World forum, which is now hidden from general viewing. In the future, this may or may not change, so the links will remain just in case.)

Tyrial's grass tutorial

Mykel's addtiledef2 tutorial

Goboom's MSPaint Resource Editing tutorial

KyleOdin's ImageReady 7 Export Guide

ZER0_H0UR's Animagic Transparency Guide (Animagic is a very useful program btw)


Body Transparency Help

Alex's [GIF] Transparency Tutorial
* -Currently unavailable, contact LordZen if you have a copy of the missing totorial files.
Adobe Illustrator Basics - The Pen Tool

LordZen 01-11-2004 03:18 AM

Well Kaimetsu is gone now ( :frown: ) so instead PM/AIM me if you think there should be any additions here.

AIM is xxwarlordzenxx

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