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Skyld 11-15-2007 10:34 PM

Tech Support: Getting Started (Read first)
It seems there is some confusion lately as to what can be posted in the Tech Support forums, and what can't. This thread aims to clear up a few things.
  • Threads surrounding problems with accounts, gelat or subscription transactions:

    • For account related problems, please e-mail [email protected], and do post about it on the forums.

    • Do not, under any circumstances, post a transaction ID, change password confirmation code, or any other personal details in this forum.

  • Threads about problems with the GraalOnline website:

    • If you have tried to change your password and suspect that your email address is used on more than one account, please do not post a thread, unless:

    • If an error message appears on the GraalOnline website which you do not understand when creating an account, upgrading or changing your password, then check if there is a thread with the same problem before posting. Do not create a new thread about a problem that has already been posted.

    • If the issue is a different account issue, then do not post a thread about it; instead, you need to e-mail [email protected].

  • Problems with the GraalOnline game client:

    • Again, check that someone has not already posted about your problem.

    • When posting about your problem, please post information about your computer. This includes operating system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and version numbers, computer specifications such as CPU speed and amount of RAM, and your graphics card and driver number. You can find most of this information by running "dxdiag" on Windows, or in "About this Mac" in the Apple Menu on Mac OS X.

    • If possible, also post the .log file from your Graal folder when the problem occurs.

    • Clearly describe what causes the problem, how you can recreate it (if applicable), and if necessary, screenshots of any errors.

  • Scripting problems or development problems on playerworlds should not be posted in this forum unless they affect client stability or cause client problems.

  • Posting in response to problems:

    • Please only post a response to a Tech Support thread if you believe that your response is relevant, helpful and on-topic.

    • If you are having the same problem, please also post details as mentioned in the above section.

If you are not sure about the rules of this sub-forum or are in doubt when you are about to post a thread, then double-check with the GraalOnline Communication Center rules and/or click here to send Skyld a forum PM.

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