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TalonShriner 08-21-2007 07:14 PM

Playerlist Fixes
Things that should be fixed in the in-game player list:
  1. Alphabetize option! I'm sick and tired of looking for a player to add to my buddy list in this jumbled mess!
  2. Stick the "Search for player box" at the bottom of the playerlist, above the massmessage and profile buttons for fast, easy access.
  3. Stick a "Warpto" option in the rightclick menu of a selected player.
  4. Possibly a option to hide RCs?
  5. Save the placement of the serverlist to where it was placed last. i.e I put my playerlist in the top-right corner of my screen. Make the playerlist appear there even if I close Graal. Moving the playerlist will cause it to save to that spot.

Feel free to contribute your own ideas.

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