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maximus_asinus 05-14-2019 01:43 AM

GraalOnline Mail has expired, now my account is in limbo.
Not sure if there are any active staff members that can help with this sort of thing. The email provider ( I used to access this account shut down and now I am unable to make changes to my account. Is it possible to change the email associated with my account? I'd really like to keep a hold of it. I am going to try the old support email. Is there another place I can try?

sandin 05-14-2019 07:30 PM

I have the same issue. I have sent a support request like 3 years ago and still no response :)

zwr 05-14-2019 09:17 PM

same here :-)

maximus_asinus 09-17-2021 03:56 AM

okay so thanks to an exploit on UN all accounts had their passwords reset. I really need this email changed. could someone please check the support email?

maximus_asinus 09-19-2021 12:59 AM

so it has been a few days and I've haven't heard anything

anyone checking the support email nowadays?

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