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defaultaccount 02-10-2014 11:03 AM

Planet Base
Hello, I'm Defaultaccount, if you don't know me I've been playing on Era for the last 6 years, I used to be account H4wror: Take Cassini. I played a long time on Era and I feel like I know a lot about what made Graal and Era in particular a great game. I'm currently developing my "dream game". I've thought alot about it for the last 4-5 years, the idea of the game I wanted to make has changed alot aswell. At first I really just wanted it to be a sparing game, where it was focused on Platoons sparing in no-gravity. That alone would be a really cool game for Graal I think. But it has come a long way from just that.

There are two prior posts I made for the game, and changing its name from SK (Skill Games) to EG (Endgame) to PB (Planet Base) I'd sudgest reading them as well, but I'll be explaining everything you need to know here, just interesting topics.

As to the rest of this topic it will be big walls of text, but will give you a good idea of what I'm trying to make. It's been a long time sense I wrote a essay for school, and other things. I'm not the smartest guy in the world at all, more close to the stupidest, but I got a great idea here so read, and see if you'd want to be involved. I'll go through alot of what's already been done, and what is to be done, aswell as the current staff, and a few screenshots of what I do. I'm the owner of this game I thought up of the whole idea of the game and I do almost all the art for it myself. Not the best like I said, but It's more then good enough. Read along and this IS my dream, this game has been my life for the last 8+ years. And if anyone knows what to do with to make a game great it's me. As far as why I'm "owner" of this game it's because I know exactly and persistently what to do with this server to make everything, all these elements work flawlessly, and work as a hole. So that the game is balanced, and fun for any age group or person out there.

The idea of my game is a traditional MMORPG type of game, mixed in with alot of survival elements. It's sci-fi based game, on the moon. The platoons and the spar complex will be like another side of the game. I really want. Keep in mind the idea of the game was based off a book I read.

Spar Complex:
This is a image of a example I made a long time ago, to explain the sort of way the BR (Battle Rooms) will be.

So basicly the spar complex is a training environment that teams called platoons practice as a team verses other teams, they practice team based tactics and menovers in a no gravity battle room specifically made for the events as a capture the flag type game. These teams practice as one, it is heavily focused on team based tactics more then anything. The teams compete in a year round succession of events, their will be staff specifically for these events, they will focus on making the games harder for each team, each time a team wins a round their are what's called points a team gains and additionally perks the teams get that could be good or bad, the staff picks things to push these teams harder. Making new commanders of platoons changing players, exempting weapons from the teams, all sorts of things to push the teams harder and make things harder on each team. They fight until the end of the year where as the two top teams fight in a non-gravity environment for the end of the year prize for each team. To cut it short It's a no-gravity capture the flag type game where teams practice as a team to beat other fighters. You can also spar one on one for cash or items. As well as turning on/off the gravity while playing, and alot of other things in the spar complex

The moon is a whole other aspect of the game, with its own sort-of story line to why you are on the moon. The moon will be huge, I want players to start off on the moon with their own house. The idea of the game has been changed so many times, so this might not at all be finite. The basics of the moon is that it is survival. Most of the areas of the moon are breaking down into districts, each district usually has its own hub, city, or newly added quarantine zone. All the moon has random NPCS, raiders, and police npcs. All the citys are protected with police npcs, that can arrest you, and fine you, for cursing and other things that warrant a fine. So basicly the main things about the moon is that a player can build a house, that house could be raided by factions taken over by factions, you loose everything in that house and half to make a new one. The moon is half black, and that splits up the good factions and the bad factions, the main city of the moon is on the light side, but very close to the middle of the moon where it turns black. Alot of things I havent thought up of yet, but I need staff to help me with the whole idea. But the main things are that the moon will be like a 20 hour walk from either sides. I really loved Fallout 1 -2, so alot of the idea of the survival on the moon and the skills ingeneral will be based off fallout games. (same with the music). The deadzones are just like 10-15 hours of either darkness or desert, and when you die on them you loose your whole inventory. You need a gasmask to travel on the moon or you get radiated. As i said it is a survival game. The moon is broken down into districts, and each district has a faction, the faction main goal is to protect that district along with its main base. Each faction has a powerstation that powers that district. In faction bases you can use "Item Tagging" to keep some of ur items when you die, along with 'respawning' in a few minutes You need to eat drink and sleep. Each player starts out with a house. The house can be protected with NPC's and turrets metal doors, and other things like bombs. Although that house could get raided, its highly unlikely considering how big the gmap really is. Honestly, I want to make the moon as big as possible, all citys are made by players, along with all the businesses are player owned. Newly added to the moon is infection. I will add this once the moon settles down after the game is open. The infection is adding to the story line of why the moon is so radiated. The infection is really zombies, and adding alot of new skills to the players. Zombies will take over entire citys. Factions can do that too

Their are around 32 skills so far. You can only make one character, for now. I think once I add the zomibe update, they'll be new abilitys to make new characters, but only 4 tag skills 4 sub-tag skills. Tag skills level quicker. Here is a list of the skills:
Small Arms:
-Assault Rifle
-Melee Weapon
Large Arms:
-Heavy Weapon
-Heavy Plasma
Trade Skills:
Engineering Skills:
-Weapons Engineering:
Ammunition Engineering:
-Vehicle Engineering
-Item Engineering
-Electrical Engineering
-Bio Mechanics
-Metal Armor/Heavy Armor
-Leather Armor
-Forging Metal
-Wood Working
Other Trade Skills:
-Map making/GPS's

Stealth Skills:

All Skills are baised off the percentage you have to complete a task. Alot of the skills are just upping the percentage to complete a task. Aswell as give you perks, to the additional task. Like example being making a handgun, if you have pistols skills, along with a few engineering skills, your percentages to get a blue item rises, along with other perks.

All the guns dissemble into parts, each part has a effect on the gun. Usually guns break down into 10-12 parts. Each part can be refined with skills. All items are coded with colours alot like WoW and other MMORPGs. Your skills depend on what parts you can craft or use or refine.

The current staff have come and left, I just reopened the server. The main coder was Alpho, but he hasn't been on very lately. The sounds is Imask, aswell as alot of lats, graphics Ifake, and other admins.

That's a basic overview of the game. Their is alot of other things such as the radio playing videos along with sound, the website with viewing other players characters items and other characters locations on the websites map aswel as the websites subscritions (subscriptions for ulimited ammo for 1h-2h-3h ect, and streaming players live through the website. Here's a ingame screenshot of the inventory, gives you a good idea of the art the game will have, but if anything check Planet Base, it's up right now. Email me [email protected] to get ahold of me, if not I'm either on Era or on PB.
Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon.

What I need:
`Main scripter
`CO-Graphic Artist

The Scripter I find will end up being Co-Owner of the game.

Kohola_KinG 02-19-2014 02:08 PM

Weird. You can talk fine here but on era you got serious issues. Starting to think it's all an act.

Rave_J 02-20-2014 04:04 AM

You mad bro ? @ Kohola

Kohola_KinG 02-23-2014 02:04 PM

Yeah bro so mad. smh

defaultaccount 02-24-2014 04:45 PM

What's a act? The server isn't a act

We found a scripter : Zyo (graal130042)

We are still looking Staff though, we need 4 graphical team members, and one graphic admin (team leader) 4 more level team members, and 4 more developers and a dev admin. As well as another scripter. Log on Planet Base, or email me for hirings.

[email protected]

defaultaccount 03-07-2014 10:58 PM

This is the other topic, one of the links I had in my original post was incorrect or broken

defaultaccount 01-18-2015 02:30 PM

I`m opening planet base back up for all those who want to log on and check it out in about 2 weeks. I plan on getting a main scripter sense I`m going to be going to get a student lone soon and hopefully I`ll be able to finish and start this game.

What I need is acan script good message me scripter still, anyone who

Logababy 01-20-2015 09:20 AM

Good on you man, good luck on finishing it :)

ooger 01-20-2015 12:40 PM

Best of luck to you Take, glad to see you're still alive.

rockstar 01-29-2015 12:43 AM

Hm... Just wondering as to why im staff on the server but can't access RC..
Everytime I try to connect I get told to 'Update your graal version' which I've done.
Nor Client-RC will work.
Weird, I can log on client but not RC's.

defaultaccount 02-06-2016 01:52 PM

we had a test run on the moon and it worked great, but then all the scripts stopped working.

As said before I need a DEDICATED EXPERENCED Scripter. All other staff or anyone wanting to join and help out Log on. or Email me/Skype me @

[email protected]


Cubes 02-08-2016 05:36 PM

what about a lego game, its kinda like tetris but not tetris. you line up blocks as they slowly fall and once you fill up a line it disappears and the player gets points.

defaultaccount 02-08-2016 08:24 PM

I don't understand.

defaultaccount 03-08-2016 06:25 PM

id like to annoncne that sense the support of the game has failed. I plan on either moving the work I have done on it to grail ghetto, or going to school for scripting and getting a team together to make it on its own platform. I don't see why people didn't advocate this servers creation. In the respects where I actually did make it.

Crono 03-08-2016 08:38 PM

gl with ur project

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