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LimetasticSlushy 08-22-2016 02:05 AM

Bow Lock-On
As fast as players move and as hard as it is to kite monsters and shoot at the same time, I feel bows should have some sort of lock-on mechanic similar to spells. Click on a target, press a key, and an arrow is fired their way.

kia345 08-22-2016 10:54 AM

So would the arrow rotate in midair to hit the target, or would locking on actually have the same flaw as without?

Lead your targets, it works fine.

Crono 08-22-2016 12:11 PM

I used to be against that kind of mechanic but years of Dota 2™ converted me.

Crow 08-22-2016 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Crono (Post 1739619)
I used to be against that kind of mechanic but years of Dota 2 converted me.

You've become weak.

Crono 08-22-2016 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Crow (Post 1739622)
You've become weak.

1v1 sf mid no runes

Vartas 10-26-2016 03:50 PM

Oh god, you're using a bow in pvp thats actually retarded, and you want to be even more retarded by some aim bot? duuuuude!

FBI 11-05-2016 11:04 AM

I'll ask robo to look into it

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