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maximus_asinus 08-21-2017 04:57 AM

Bow design decision.
This time I'm not looking for script help, just a question in regards to design. On G2K1 they use a custom bow NPC. Anyways to check and see if the arrows hits an NPC you have to check if the arrow passes by the NPC's coordinates. To me that seems like an odd design choice. Why not invoke a trigger when the projectile is onwall (I assuming NPCs with setshape return blocking when I say this). Or why make the bow so complicated at all? Isn't there shoot() and onActionProjectile()?

MysticalDragon 08-26-2017 07:30 PM

That's more then likely because when the custom bow on Gk1 was made the shoot function was pretty horrible, it was always better to make your own. Now or when it was improved it feels more responsive although its still very limited to what you should be able to do with projectiles. But for a simple bow shoot would probably be better anyways since its native to the client.

PHP Code:

onActionSProjectile         <- if a projectile hits on serverside
<- if a projectile hits on clientside  Used the same as above
(objobj) ;  <-If the player shot a projectile

onActionSProjectile(temp.pltemp.dmg) {
temp.source isObject( ? makevar( : findplayer(;//Player or Npc
doDamage(temp.sourcetemp.dmg); <-Call your Damage function

shoot(floatfloatfloatfloatfloatfloatstrstr) - shoots a projectile with x,y,z,angle,zangle,strength,ani,aniparams)

//Projectile Attributes

//This is to adjust the projectile to shoot at the right location
temp.arrowani "idle";
temp.arrowpos = {
"0.25,0.5",  //Dir 0
1.0,            //Dir 1
"-0.5,-1"     //Dir 2
,"-1.5,0"      //Dir 3
//setshootparams are like attributes saved within the projectile
player.temp.arrowpos[player.dir][0],player.temp.arrowpos[player.dir][1], player.z,
getangle(vecx(player.dir), vecy(player.dir)), pi 321,
//x position of projectile = player.x - temp.arrowpos[player.dir][0]
  //y position of projectile = player.y - temp.arrowpos[player.dir][1]
  //player.z = current z Position of projectile
  //temp.arrowani = the arrow gani that's being fired
  //NULL = Gani Params (If your gani has any special attributes) e.g changing the arrow image depending on what bow your using. 
  //pi*/*32 = Strength of projectile
  //1 = speed of Projectile 

maximus_asinus 05-17-2019 03:06 AM

while searching this forum for something else I noticed I didn't say thank you for this.


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