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MysticalDragon 01-08-2016 01:54 AM

Security warning!
There is a player adding other players from Graal on Skype attempting to send them exe files telling them different stories (anything really) for them to accept and run the file. Do not fall for this!!

He has already hijacked a few players Skypes and Graal accounts by successfully pulling this trick off, so be careful if your contacts start acting weird or trying to send you things, it could be this guy.

If this happens to you, do not hesitate to contact the authorities! This is illegal and they can get in trouble for doing this.

Sinkler 01-08-2016 02:51 AM

Do we know if this connected to Anti-Graal?

Spiker 01-08-2016 02:52 AM

I have an IP address I collected from the Skype conversation that was had between me and MysticalDragons skype last night, which is when the 'hacker' was on his Skype. PM me for info.

shrimps 01-08-2016 03:19 AM

I got a message from your Skype Mystical Dragon. You kept trying to push some stuff on me to test some "new graal client concept" and it was annoying. I blocked you.

ffcmike 01-08-2016 04:51 AM

It is odd how "MD" had a seemingly legitimate conversation with someone else right before I was messaged by the "imposter", and that I had a conversation with "MD" before that which on reflection does not seem legitimate. Not impossible I suppose.

Thought I'd share this for a laugh:


[05/01/2016 20:09:47] Mike: What did you have in mind?
[05/01/2016 20:31:47] NewGraal_Client.exe 480kb
[05/01/2016 20:31:53] Mystical Dragon: New Graal Client :)
[05/01/2016 20:31:56] Mystical Dragon: Concept design
[05/01/2016 20:34:49] Mike: I'm not running that
[05/01/2016 20:45:12] Mike: I'd rather be pleasantly surprised when the next Graal client is released ;)
[05/01/2016 20:52:20] Mystical Dragon: ok sounds good

shrimps 01-08-2016 08:23 AM

lol I got pretty much the same messages. :p
Hasn't that Skype of MDs been hacked for about a year now?

Spiker 01-08-2016 08:54 AM

Here is my conversation with MD on the night of the 6th.


[1/6/2016 11:44:42 PM] Mystical Dragon: hey
[1/6/2016 11:45:06 PM] iBlackSunday: Sup
[1/6/2016 11:47:05 PM] Mystical Dragon: want to help me test something?
[1/6/2016 11:47:14 PM] iBlackSunday: like?
[1/6/2016 11:49:26 PM] Mystical Dragon: new grail client
[1/6/2016 11:49:28 PM] Mystical Dragon: concept design
[1/6/2016 11:52:08 PM] iBlackSunday: Sure, I'll check it out
[1/6/2016 11:52:38 PM] **Send file: Graal Setup-New.exe**
[1/6/2016 11:54:18 PM] iBlackSunday: I'm not opening a 463 kb file when the old graal client setup was 2.77 mb
[1/6/2016 11:54:22 PM] iBlackSunday: thanks no thanks
[1/6/2016 11:54:34 PM] Mystical Dragon: its a setup
[1/6/2016 11:54:37 PM] Mystical Dragon: not the actual client
[1/6/2016 11:54:39 PM] Mystical Dragon: it extracts
[1/6/2016 11:58:05 PM] iBlackSunday:
[1/6/2016 11:58:22 PM] Mystical Dragon: wtf
[1/6/2016 11:59:01 PM] iBlackSunday: And it does nothing in my virtual machine
[1/6/2016 11:59:05 PM] iBlackSunday: Good try
[1/7/2016 12:02:04 AM] Mystical Dragon: its an ip resolver
[1/7/2016 12:02:08 AM] Mystical Dragon: if that is wat u are getting at
[1/7/2016 12:02:10 AM] Mystical Dragon: nothing serious
[1/7/2016 12:02:20 AM] iBlackSunday: So you sent me a file to get my IP address
[1/7/2016 12:02:25 AM] Mystical Dragon: wtf no
[1/7/2016 12:02:34 AM] Mystical Dragon: it sends it to the servers so the rcs can read it
[1/7/2016 12:02:38 AM] Mystical Dragon: well, will be sending
[1/7/2016 12:02:54 AM] iBlackSunday: Soooo, it's not a new client
[1/7/2016 12:03:01 AM] Mystical Dragon: it is
[1/7/2016 12:03:04 AM] Mystical Dragon: that is built into the client
[1/7/2016 12:03:11 AM | Edited 12:03:17 AM] iBlackSunday: Then why didn't it start in my virtual machine?
[1/7/2016 12:03:28 AM] Mystical Dragon: no idea

Crow 01-08-2016 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by Sinkler (Post 1737922)
Do we know if this connected to Anti-Graal?

You're not being serious, are you?

Cubes 01-08-2016 11:04 AM

Did you get your Skype account back?

Darlene159 01-08-2016 12:02 PM

I was contacted too. Never click on unknown links, and watch out for suspicious activity, or people acting strangely...
you should block and/or delete the MD account on Skype

Aimee 01-08-2016 08:28 PM

I was a victim of this, stupidly falling for it - thankfully nothing has been compromised because I attacked quickly (hopefully!) Unfortunately falling for it because it was sent from a trusted source, which clearly wasn't.

Dragon551 01-12-2016 08:39 AM

Why didn't I get a Skype message :[

Crow 01-12-2016 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by Dragon551 (Post 1737963)
Why didn't I get a Skype message :[

I guess nobody knows our Skype usernames..

fight4life 02-11-2016 05:53 AM

just want to point out that if anyone has run this exe they should run a malware bytes scan as well as a standard security scan via norton,avg,trend micro, etc

Dragon551 02-15-2016 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by fight4life (Post 1738164)
just want to point out that if anyone has run this exe they should run a malware bytes scan as well as a standard security scan via norton,avg,trend micro, etc

Norton is a Virus :[

+1 for MalwareBytes tho

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