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zell12 09-08-2001 02:24 AM

ohh, now thats diffrent...n/m, i take that one back, muad made that one up....
but evn though, its still boring

Milkdude99 09-09-2001 12:06 AM


Originally posted by Torankusu

There should be some whole new FTP system, sort of like RC with their own accounts, and FTP levels. :|

The highest FTP user (The Owner with account like SERVRNAEM) can change the access for the other accounts, and some accounts could just be able to upload into one folder, or download and upload from 1 folder, or have access to all. It might be rather complicated but it might fix all of these FTP 'leakages' and deletions, etc.

I agree :megaeek:

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