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sssssssssss 04-13-2013 08:57 AM

Sovereign Legion X Recruiting

Sovereign Legion X (SLX)
Recuit Page:
Voice Chat: Yes -- C3.
Guild Type: Hardcore PvPvE.
Server: Graal Classic iPhone
Leader(s): Cyril; Decus; Demrow;

Recruiting Restrictions:
-No younger than 16 years old.
-Must be able to handle language, it happens.
-Must speak English, and clearly for the most part. We are a North American, USA guild, so we all speak English.

Our Creed

Each individual brings their own stronghold with them. One person brings their multitude of essence to shape the world around them. Contained in the lines of a great people we will rise. We are one...we are many. To expect anything else but our continued dominance would not be wise, for Sovereign Legion X is limitless while you are limited...

We are here simply to do what we have done best the entire life of Sovereign Legion X you cannot have a whole. Each person brings to the guild what they have, and the guild then brings destruction to the ones outside it.

Our Goals

Sovereign Legion X has always, and will continue to, strive to the top wherever we are.
Our goal on Graal is to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. We will battle any guild in the way. Our PvP aspects do not leave out other game content though, as we will also participate in all aspects of PvE, like raids and endgame. In the end, Sovereign Legion X will not rest until it is the top guild.

About Us

Sovereign Legion X (SLX) was established in 2007 on "Graal Online" by Cyril and Decus. It is a merge of the guilds Serene Domination Eternally (SDE), Sovereign Legacy of Krysto (SLK), and IXI, with all those guilds' rich past, totaling 13 years, into one unified guild. The original leaders and many of the council of these guilds still lead today. This experience along with close knit officers and council with years of experience allow a fluid guild to function and change to fit each and every individual member and shape the guild to an even greater level. The unique ranks, guild system, and members have allowed a strong, unbreakable guild that has stood against anything.We have been all bout PvP from the beginning. The scattered guilds have had action on Graal Online, FFXI, Vanguard, and Aion. Once again unified, we are spreading back out from our home game as a group that will bring nothing but destruction to people in it's way. We are one. We are many.

Sovereign Legion X is a could be considered a PvPvE guild, as we do participate in endgame stuff and raids and our officer ranks require you to "take the role". Our history of 13 years makes the guild's story one of glory, and each member adds to that with their actions. We govern our guild and ourselves with pride and respect. Skill simply falls into place with the rest. Every move of Sovereign Legion X is given great thought from the best intellectual members to govern it, which is why there is not just one leader, but an entire council to make sure the best fit actions are in accordance for Sovereign Legion X. We are very competitive with other guilds and people, although respect is and always will be the greatest attribute of our actions. Of coarse, a little trash talk here and there can't hurt either and only drives competitiveness further.

We have always been at our greatest strength during PvP and wars verse other guilds. The competitiveness drives each member to go beyond their reach to attain the greater for themselves and the guild. This is not the only thing important though, as help for our fellow members is the only way to achieve anything. Each council member has an assigned task to ensure that the guild runs smoothly, including the guild bank, rules, promotions, events, items, and help for members.

You can view our guild history here:

Rank System

One of the most unique things in Sovereign Legion X is our rank system. We have 14 ranks and each has a specific purpose to ensure Sovereign Legion X becomes the most dynamic guild. A council with the leader rank as the head of the council and a secondary "co-leader" as second in command, a chain of command to control the guild divisions, and ranks for members to show off that they are the best are a few examples of what we offer in ranks.

For promotions we use a system invented by Sovereign Legion X to give it's members the opportunity to decide how far they would like to advance in the guild. Our base system is loyalty points, which are given for things like being at events, winning guild events, being in battles/wars, being an MVP in a war, just being active in the guild and on the site, and more. This loyalty system works all the way until you get to officer ranks in Sovereign Legion X. Into the 4th rank, we introduce the challenge system, where you must have the required amount of loyalty points and then also challenge a member in the rank above you to be promoted.

Another aspect of Sovereign Legion X is it's organization of members. We have divisions for each game, and under a division is a brigade, company, and platoon. Members are grouped together in these groups as desired by the player and the officer's discretion. This type of unity helps groups get used to fighting together as a unit, which makes the entirety of Sovereign Legion X more efficient. 

For more information regarding ranks and promotions please visit our website, or click this link:

Players We Look For

Like any guild, we do our best to keep only quality players in Sovereign Legion X. Our systems rise above and beyond most guilds to ensure this though. For example, our challenge system for ranks ensures that members who have skill in PvP and continue to enhance their skill will advance in ranks, while our loyalty system ensures that a new member, despite skill, will not rise to the top until they've proven loyal with time, and players that may not be as good but are great members will not site at the bottom rank like many PvP guilds. The type of players we look for are active, mature players that can deal with a dynamic ranking system, and that are willing to improve their PvP and PvE aspects for their own and the guilds good. Our initial rank for new members, Frontline, is set up to let a new member get to know the guild, to see if Sovereign Legion X is for them, for Sovereign Legion X to see if the player will fit, and to prove they are willing to let Sovereign Legion X help enhance themselves on the game.

Join Us

All in all, a guild is nothing without a strong foundation. Many of us interact with each other on a daily basis, even out of game. The kinship created by this is the strongest part of Sovereign Legion X, and that can never break.

If you are interested, check out our website in the link above. There is also a link to the recruiting page if you so wish to check their first. It explains briefly what we are looking for and the direct places to look to see if you want what we offer. We have few restrictions to joining, because we understand all of us have real lives outside of MMO's.

You can find us in-game and then apply on the site, or apply on the site and send a PM to either leader and someone will find you in-game and send a guild request to you after being tested to join.

Hiro 04-13-2013 11:17 AM


maximus_asinus 04-13-2013 02:52 PM


papajchris 04-13-2013 06:06 PM

I didn't read it because I don't play Graal anymore, BUT I love seeing guild activity. Wish you the best!


Dragon551 04-13-2013 06:50 PM

I agree with what Zeus said, good luck!

sssssssssss 04-14-2013 07:50 AM

I'm really doin this for Aion, FFXIV, and iPhone graal. xD

And ty for the gl.

Fulg0reSama 04-14-2013 08:50 AM

This is what I thought when I read this:


"So, you're with the SLX community?"
"I noticed they play a lot of games and everything..."
"But what the **** is Graal Online?"
"It's that iPhone game my little brother plays, isn't it?"
"Okay, we're done here then."
Jokes aside though, Hopefully you find some new members for your guild/community group.
How do you guys feel about the F2P MMORPG TERA?
cute use of the Darksiders image in your logo btw

sssssssssss 05-05-2013 09:14 PM

Tera is pretty good so far. I bought it and did beta, and quit because it lacked on A LOT. It still does, the quests still suck. It's almost completely "go kill this quests". The endgame is why we're on it. Politics, GvG, all that crap. Just grinding to lv60 so we can all enjoy doing guild stuff again.

To add, would love to see some of our old members/friends on here. If you're still lingering around Graal, Tera is free as well and better. We are, in fact, roughly 50 members strong on iServer though too so hit us up if you wanna on the site or in-game.

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