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Seeya 10-10-2019 01:44 PM

Best Times on GK: Post your pics
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As we enter times that not many from the older community are online, I think going back and reminiscing on some of our best times together, as a community, would be really nice.

At one point, jokingly, since I was a FAQ and a lot of people came to me for prices, I was making joke guides and massing them out. This is just the front page of one of them lmao.

Post any pictures you have on this thread of your best times on GK, or if you don't have pictures, just post your most fun experiences. ^^

OasaTor_PK 11-19-2019 12:00 AM

Around 2003/2004 being the little pest that I was back in the day, talking smack like a 13 year old would then getting Plasma and Juggernaut protect me. Being blacklisted from every kingdom cause I was in Loxeus.

Making fun of Nayoko for being a bus driver..

Ruining weddings with Tigarius before he went straight edge..

Finally being let into a Kingdom and my rank was made "Jr MiniMage"

Camping the trade doors with directors and the lightning walls. Since I was such low level I could stack them to pretty much be an instant KO on anyone in the game, then i'd run and hide in the barrel so I couldn't be meleed and shoot missiles from it.

The whole belol'olympn thing (or w/e the hell that was) where I was the lamest prince of evil ever.

Selling Craigus a demon shield for USD I scammed so I could pay for 2 years of gold and VIP.

Oasa4empror of zormite.

I could go on for days. Such good times.

Also pissing off Zero Hour is up there. Stephen the IRL zormite.

Messing with whoever that french GP was.. Sam maybe?

kia345 12-06-2019 10:11 AM

probably one of the times I bullied my way back into ruling Zormite


Originally Posted by OasaTor_PK (Post 1742290)
Finally being let into a Kingdom and my rank was made "Jr MiniMage"

You're welcome

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