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TSAdmin 11-23-2010 04:10 AM

Varia goes Hosted
Upon review by the PWA, it has been decided that Varia will move from Under Construction to Hosted. The changes have been made.

Varia has proven to be an interest holder, though still has it's little kinks. As does just about every server that makes it to Hosted, which will be ironed out with more population giving their input.

The server appears more to be quest based than PvP based, which is something we haven't had on our public lists in quite a while. We have Classic style, Modern style and RP style on the Classic list, and now there's Quest style on the Hosted list.

Good luck to Varia, and MrOmega. We hope things turn out well for the server in it's new location.

Edit: This thread is intended for announcement purposes only. See below for a couple of threads relating to Varia's construction and discussion:

Varia Progress
New Varia Music

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