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ffcmike 09-12-2015 03:05 PM

Compus Gani Pack
1 Attachment(s)
As default compus baddies are no longer supported by the latest client I have decided to publish a set of ganis which can be used for emulating them.

The attachment includes ganis for idle, walk, look, turn, chase and die, as well as a separate copy for archer baddies which have a bow, plus a swamp soldier.

Note that these ganis rely on the attr[1] value to determine the sprite image.

With the hurdle of having scripted NPCs out of the way, as well as a solution in place for recoiling + shooting, an example of animations can be seen here:

scriptless 09-12-2015 03:31 PM

Awesome. Just awesome. Thor, you never cease to amaze us. Keep up the great work.

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