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cyan3 08-22-2007 10:25 PM

Joining Requirements
Joining Requirements

If you want to join the Crescent Pirates you must be at least level 12 have 2 recommendations from a high ranked member, agree to the Article of Agreement, and are not listed on the Crescent Pirates Blacklist

Once you join the Crescent Pirates you will be the rank of Pirate you can only rank up from Pirate if you donate 10 stone, 5 iron and 5 coal to CP. This will show that you are loyal and willing to help your kingdom.

Please contact myself, Naithaniel Lionheart, Iscariot Steele or Romain Steele for more information.

-Governor Felix Lionheart

cyan3 08-22-2007 10:29 PM

Basic Pirate ranking
After ranking from Pirate you get to choose to join the Pirate Navy or the Pirate Army, Here is the basic rankings.

Pirate Navy
Admiral By Appintment only
Vice-Admiral By Appintment only
Captain By Appintment only
First Mate (Top 3 Skills total - 60)
Officer (Top 3 Skills total - 50)
Swashbuckler (Top 3 Skills total - 40)
Buccaneer (Top 3 Skills total - 35)
Master Gunner (Top 3 Skills total - 30)
Gunner (Top 3 Skills total - 25)
Sailor (Top 3 Skills total - 12)
Pirate (Level 10)

Pirate Army
Swordmaster (Physique level - 40 -Challenge Current for rank)
Blood Raider (Physique level - 40 -Ask Felix Lionheart for details)
Swordsman (Physique level - 20)
Warrior (Top 3 Skills total - 20)
Brigand (Top 3 Skills total -15)

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