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This is the Graal Kingdoms SUPERCLUB Social Group. If you think you are deserving to join the SUPERCLUB apply, otherwise you are not worthy of being deemed a superclub member.
7 1 3 0
11:59 AM
Hello! this is a group for all those few members that play skill games!! on this group we also make schedules for us to meet one day and play skills all together!
7 1 15 0
02:28 AM
Players for a Forum Revolution
7 0 0 2
03:40 AM
Players that have started playing after the year 2001 will not be accepted.
7 2 4 0
04:33 AM
Awesome people only. no lame face mcgoosters.
7 1 3 6
01:01 AM
Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926. He attended Catholic schools before graduating from the University of Havana with a degree in law. Castro was a member of the Ortodoxo Party, a social-democrat party, and strongly criticized the government of Fulgencio Batista. On the 26th of July in 1953, Fidel Castro launched an attack on the Moncada army barracks. It failed, and most involved were killed or captured. Fidel was captured and given a trial, which he used to make his famous speech, "History Will Absolve Me". Sentenced to 15 years, he was pardoned after just two because Chuck Norris said so. He then went into exile in Mexico, where he trained and assembled the 26th of July Movement. He gained support from Che Guevara and others before leaving aboard the Granma to invade Cuba in 1956. Returning to Cuba, the revolutionaries hid in the Sierra Maestra mountains, gaining support among the peasants. Eventually, Batista was forced to flee in 1959 and Castro took...
7 1 2 5
12:05 AM
For people who suffer from a coffee addiction.
7 0 0 0
Join if you're a Gani Artist!
8 1 3 0
08:30 PM
If you wish to remove the current forum smileys by Dusty's, then join this group !
8 1 6 0
06:28 AM
If this is your home server, this could be a place to share updates.
9 1 8 0
06:19 PM
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