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This group is for my pals and me! If you want to be my pal, you are also welcome to join! If you are not my pal, but are perhaps susceptible to a sudden and unexpected change of heart, which will probably make you cry a little (for joy), you are also welcome to join!! Together we shall make merry and spend endless hours fulfilling our main duty--BEING PALS, FOREVER!! ^_^
33 1 44 0
10:34 AM
a group for NDS owners. maybe post your FC or challenge someone?
20 4 26 0
07:55 PM
I need to talk to some people about an idea.
14 1 23 0
03:10 AM
If this is your home server, this could be a place to share updates.
9 1 8 0
06:19 PM
Fasfa is a group organized to fight ze abuse.
1 0 0 0
A group of users who support the Graal Bible.
22 2 48 0
10:09 AM
Players that have started playing after the year 2001 will not be accepted.
7 2 4 0
04:33 AM
This group used to be a zodiac guild until all the members left. The main purpose of it was for anyone who thinks they can join the group easily. And they could. Isn't that pretty cool!? No it's not. It's lame. But on to the point, it's basically friends, cool people, robots, microscopic dinosaur zombies from the center of the earth, not people, and the crazy (I accept more than this). Join the cause. Which there is none. I guess I'm just filling up space now. But bottom line: Join it if you wish. Meet new people. Hablo espaņol!! That's just because I can. Join!
6 1 16 0
09:16 AM
I was going to write something awesome until I realized that isn't our style.
5 1 3 0
09:15 AM
No not one of those bad things. This is for those who wish to live in the realm where all is once again right, the two genders that exist are Gentelman and Not Gentelman also Great and Not Great exist. We have suffered a major loss with the womens rights movements but like the south we shall rise again.
9 1 30 12
08:50 PM
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