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Conversation Between Tricxta and Clockwork
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  1. Tricxta
    04-26-2012 06:27 AM
    awesome, thanks dude
  2. Clockwork
    04-26-2012 02:09 AM
    It's something you learn from seeing what colors don't work together, and what do :o...

    I suggest using photoshop cs4/5/6 if you don't already, and make gfx as you usually do, but when you think you're done, use crtl+L and adjust the top slider slightly with both arrows to adjust the contrast. Not to much, but you'll be able to tell which contrast of those colors look best, and eventually you'll just start knowing which shade of whichever colors look the best with what :o

    I usually mess with crtl + L and sometimes Crtl+B and rarely crtl+u to get my colors the way I like them.
  3. Tricxta
    04-25-2012 11:46 PM
    I know this might sound silly, but have you got some kind of technique to picking your colours. I can never seem to find what I want so some tips would be welcomed
  4. Tricxta
    03-16-2012 11:12 PM
  5. Clockwork
    03-16-2012 06:03 PM

    dice like dis?
  6. Tricxta
    03-15-2012 03:30 AM
    you throw a dice, select a npc and move it the said number of squares, then you can attack. I just need some small stuff, like the 6 sides of a dice, a bow,sword and staff for the default graal sprites, and a depending on how bored you get you could even make a new tileset for me Care to help?
  7. Clockwork
    03-15-2012 02:59 AM
    I have no idea wut that is tho x3
  8. Tricxta
    03-15-2012 01:04 AM
    You could always help me if you're bored I'm in need of an interface gui, and a few other things.
  9. Clockwork
    03-14-2012 09:15 PM
    Working great :3

    Now I just dunno wut to pixel o-o
  10. Tricxta
    03-13-2012 09:12 AM
    how's the new motherboard treating you? Also does that mean we'll see more work from you? :0 *hopes so*

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