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Conversation Between xAzerothx and kia345
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  1. xAzerothx
    12-11-2008 07:54 AM
    I don't expect any change. If something was going to happen it would of happened already.
  2. kia345
    12-08-2008 05:04 AM
    I don't expect change and neither should you, especially when you're going about it in an immature way. Nothing needs to change, but minor and direct requests are looked at more often then vague, troll-inspired and supported causes.
  3. xAzerothx
    12-08-2008 04:31 AM
    Making a request and shutting up.. Do you seriously think your request will ever be heard then?

    That doesn't even make sense.

    As for being happy with what we have. Have you seen how much we have? We aren't even allowed animated avatars!
  4. kia345
    12-06-2008 05:51 AM
    "boohoo forums have to have change"

    "sir, i would like for you to give us animated avatars, please sir"

    They're both useless pleas, but the former is coming from losers who, while are aware we don't have it as good as it could be, are just bs'ing because they can't be happy with what we do get, and are just going to make it worse for the rest of us.

    The latter group is making a request and shutting up.
  5. xAzerothx
    12-05-2008 11:11 PM
    Like your group is going to achieve anything?

    I haven't seen anything immature about the group yet. Completely attacking the 'red witch' would be immature.
  6. kia345
    12-05-2008 02:07 PM
    You should feel bad about an immature social group that's never going to achieve anything.
  7. xAzerothx
    12-05-2008 09:23 AM
    I didn't say they were going to change. I don't see where you got your blatant insulting ideas though..

    I should feel bad for wanting to get rid of this oppression? You should know that's bs.
  8. kia345
    12-04-2008 02:07 PM
    Your cause is bad and you should feel bad.

    Everyone thinks the forums should change, but social groups and blatant insulting aren't going to change anything, just make it worse.
  9. xAzerothx
    12-04-2008 06:26 AM
    Please stop posting in the Forum Revolution group. Unless you're going to join and believe in our cause pleae stop.

  10. xAzerothx
    09-08-2008 01:28 AM
    This was before I said "Everyone neg rep me please."

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