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Conversation Between Darlene159 and DarkRenji
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  1. DarkRenji
    12-03-2008 02:22 PM
  2. Darlene159
    12-03-2008 03:38 AM
    Gives people plenty of time to think of what they want, and to see the thread.
    Some people dont get on the forums very often.
  3. DarkRenji
    12-03-2008 01:51 AM
    Oh I see but really, 1 month in advanced x.x
  4. Darlene159
    12-02-2008 11:12 PM
    I guessed that your message was in reference to my deleting your Happy Easter thread.
    I just re-read it, and I get it now. Look, the Christmas thread is asking what people want for Christmas, and that's why it is still there. Does it really upset you so much that someone started the thread early that you have to make mocking threads? Seriously?
  5. DarkRenji
    12-02-2008 11:00 PM
    If you didnt understand what I just said why did you give me a response?
  6. Darlene159
    12-02-2008 03:25 PM
    What? I didnt understand anything you just said. Anyway, the Merry Christmas thread is asking people what they want for Christmas. It has a purpose other than just "Merry Christmas" Making an Easter thread is pointless before Easter.
  7. DarkRenji
    12-02-2008 08:43 AM
    So help me 1 month before easter there will be another "Happy easter" thread by me >:O!!!!!!

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