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Conversation Between Feonix and Bigtime008
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  1. Bigtime008
    05-21-2011 09:07 PM
    More like locked in my basement, while you are locked in my closet
  2. Feonix
    05-16-2011 01:15 AM
    I bet you have that pic of those girls saved onto your PC
  3. Bigtime008
    05-07-2011 08:07 PM
    LOL just noticed your football pics. ***** CHEATERS NEVER WIN. SO TRUE
  4. Bigtime008
    05-07-2011 07:02 PM
    Wow i just noticed l-m-f-a-o is censored i used it like 500 times l9m0f--a-o
  5. Bigtime008
    05-06-2011 04:39 AM
    ***** @ YOU BEING REHIRED. Totally random **** *****, still haven't even made a new GPA or anything. Hell I don't even know if Thriller has been fired yet....
  6. Bigtime008
    05-05-2011 04:13 AM
    If it was Mike doing the Spar glitch where it looks like you walk over the wall, Mike would probably get banned instantly for it *****. He wouldn't even need to hack and he'd get banned.

    I see kids now using Adolf Hitler nicks and ranting about **** and nothing happens to them. Its all bias and fail judgement.

    LOL I remember when they did nothing about the hacker, yea like asking the hacker to not hack is gonna do ****... ****ing fail, ITS NOT LIKE THE HACKER ACCIDENTALLY WAS HACKING...
  7. Feonix
    05-02-2011 05:46 AM
    Honestly, I don't see how anybody could be so blind. I remember when that dude was hacking right infront of him and Sander's face, and all he said was ''sorry wasent paying attention''. Then when he did catch him hacking, instead of punishing him he just asked him to turn off hacks. I bet the hacker was probably ****ing Revo, but whoever it was they sure proved one point: our teams judgement ****ing sucks. If it was Mike hacking on his account he'd be banned without any question, because Powerpro is a hypocritical turd and he loves taking sides.
  8. Bigtime008
    05-02-2011 05:21 AM
    To be fair, he didn't know Thriller was doing this ****, I pmed him about it and he said he would fire Thriller. I still don't know if Thriller has been fired yet though tbh...

    Yea, it was Pancake who gave DS to his bff Sanders after 3 weeks of it apparently being illegal. I'd say PPNL is guilty of being blind and not doing **** about his abusive staff team.

    I told him about Pancake doing this and he just shrugged it off and replied with "O.o". Not to mention the fact he banished perm trading AFTER Pancake got DS apparently from a trade when he probably just spawned it. He never even had any perms to trade with anyone with *****.
  9. Feonix
    04-30-2011 04:46 AM
    Because powerpro is a ****ing hypocrite. He'll say that perm trading is banished and never to be mentioned of again, but when one of his buds asks for a perm doubleshotgun a week later, it's totally fine with him. Hell, he even allows his GPA to spawn weapons for himself, and try selling perms for Zodiac items.
  10. Bigtime008
    04-30-2011 04:32 AM
    I remember when he was first hired, total random and out of the blue. I think he's played for around 4 months now? *****, then they give him free permanent DS because it's his B-day, but don't allow others to even trade...

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