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Conversation Between Feonix and Bigtime008
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  1. Bigtime008
    02-09-2011 02:27 AM
    Steelers lost, you can smd now *****. Packers raped them now umad
  2. Feonix
    01-26-2011 04:37 AM
    Steelers Superbowl XLV, if you don't like it you can kiss my ass
  3. Feonix
    01-17-2011 08:20 AM
    stfu tobi, ur my tool. I use you as I please
  4. Feonix
    01-07-2011 04:02 AM
    Nig, the random email you sent me saying ''OMG BROSKI I SEE BLUE WIZARD''. Just a screenshot of you pressing E and it still showing Steve dressed as blue wizard.

  5. Bigtime008
    01-07-2011 02:09 AM
    what random email about blue wizard wtf, nig i think you sniffing too much crack.
    you probably look like that pic irl
  6. Feonix
    10-23-2010 03:03 AM
    lmao I remember that random email you sent me about the blue ***got
  7. Feonix
    09-13-2010 12:29 AM
    I wan't that purple stuff
  8. Feonix
    09-13-2010 12:26 AM
    lol, after I got Naiad I didn't even bother to make a Dragoon....all you do is jump, thrust, Freeze em, dragon breath, then run around and wait for cooldown LOL. Yea, I just got randomley bored and decided to post much **** is retarded on Zone...for one Icecannon is spelled ''Icecanon'', and btw that handgun shoots like a ****ing shotgun. No idea why ''handgun'' is in rifle section of inventory, especially if a handgun is a type of gun not an actual gun lmao.
  9. Bigtime008
    09-11-2010 07:36 AM
    ***** @ u "Why is the Handgun in the rifle section" posting in a dead thread asking a random question.
  10. Bigtime008
    09-11-2010 07:34 AM
    Monk is like **** unless its full moon, its OK but it isnt too fun just doing 1 *** combo over and over its ****...... Dragoon is pretty fun even tho they only do 1 combo *****. ya i remember you were looking FOREVER for that damn naiad ess

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