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Conversation Between Nataxo and lardy227
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  1. lardy227
    03-19-2010 06:53 AM
    I got 12.91 today
    Cept I got fifth which I have no idea how I achieved
    But meh, it's the first meet
    Also I was wearing spikes that were like 2 sizes bigger than my feet so yeah
  2. Nataxo
    03-19-2010 05:15 AM
    yes hurdles =P

    and 12 seconds for 100m?! I can harly do 15 lol. 12 is pro.

    GL =P
  3. lardy227
    03-18-2010 09:12 PM
    What that's pro xd
    Anyways when you say obstacles you mean like hurdles?
    Also my track meet's today wish me luck xd
    I'm expecting like 12seconds for 100m honestly don't care if that's really low
  4. Nataxo
    03-18-2010 06:49 AM
    lmao @ your expression lawl!
  5. lardy227
    03-17-2010 06:21 AM
    Oh damn yo
    I only do short distances because after a mile I crap out xd
  6. Nataxo
    03-17-2010 05:20 AM
    I do obstacles and large races like 1k, 5k
  7. lardy227
    03-16-2010 02:33 AM
    Well I meant like do/did you do track and field?
    And if yes what're you doing cause I'm doing like the 4x100m and the 100m
    Possibly 400m too
  8. Nataxo
    03-16-2010 01:40 AM
    yup! I did soccer though this last weekend. i'm totally tired x-x
  9. lardy227
    03-14-2010 06:29 AM
    I recall you do some running right? ;o
  10. lardy227
    03-10-2010 07:29 AM
    Replying to the reply!

    Wuttt Can't you like withdraw with a refund or something, I mean my brother and I could with some college track event

    Why do science fair? :o Unless it's necessary xd Then ohno, but I though honestly that science fair projects are just how well you do science not the experiment But yeah I never did one to be honest with you because it never was manditory

    I doubt you use that much computers

    And don't worry I usually don't have plans on the weekend ever either

    Emo stuff wasn't that emo, just like a fml moment that I understand

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