View Full Version : Connection problems AGAIN!

08-12-2001, 01:02 AM
this is like the 1000 time that i got the is problem!


08-13-2001, 06:46 AM
Used to happen to me alot when I didnt have p2p...usually after 30mins-3 hrs it will work

08-13-2001, 03:05 PM
Perhaps the server which loads the server list is down?

08-19-2001, 10:22 PM
the connection could only reconnect again, if i rebooted the computer...:(

08-20-2001, 12:56 AM
This happens to me in the evenings.I get disconnected and if I hit reconnect it says 'the connection can't be established" So I hit F8 and the same thing and then I just close graal and reopen it and wham.I'm on cable btw