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~Era News~


Hello everyone! This is a special Era News Edition, since we had to close a few months ago SO MANY things happened around Era we had to post the most important ones! We'll continue the weekly Era News starting next Wendsday. Enjoy! -Nat (Era News Owner)

Battle of the Bands (I,II)

With the release of instruments, Era Staff and the Comic Club Owners hosted a Battle of the Bands in the Comic Club! The Event was massive and there were a total of 200+ players online! The Judges were the creators of the Instruments, algon with some guests. After the Elimination rounds Bryle won against the Hector and Zane Chorus.

Here’s the first part of the video;


Also, They’re hosting a Battle of the Bands II!, this event will be held in the Comic Club again, on Sunday August 16th, 3:00 PM EST. You can rent an Instrument for 2300$ at the Comic Club.

-Nat (Era News)

Deophite resigns, Sales becomes manager (7-09-2009)

Deophite18 resigned his position as manager, for personal reasons. He appointed salesman as Manager of Era.
Sales used to be Dev Admin a few months ago and he was ETA and Scripter when Deo made him manager.

Thanks Deo, Welcome Sales!

-Nat (Era News)

Era News progress

As you might know, Era News is closed on Era and is currently under construction. Chris Vimes hosted a News Template design contest, Taedron won the contest with this design. (winner design (http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1495550&postcount=8))

The Development staff say they’re going to work on Era News soon.

-Nat (Era News)

New DD and DH levels!

Throughout the last couple of weeks Dippin' Donuts and Dairy Hut have been having complete makeovers of all their rooms! Dippin' Donuts now has more donut machines, bigger rooms, and a lot more. Dairy Hut has more ingredient grabs, more item creation machines, and more. If you want to see all the hard work done in these newly renovated food buisnesses, go ahead and visit! Thanks to Rachel and Crackwizar for helping make these new levels!


-Crackwizar (Era News)

Era Updates (05-30-09)

The Development Staff made huge and very importand updates, These includes the re-opening of the mall (Switched places with town hall), New bounty hunter system (made it public) and many many more, to read them all go to this link (http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85982).


-Nat (Era News)

Bounty Hunters!

The great bounty hunters are gone!
Yes they have been replacing by an npc system, so they are no longer player runned. Some people find this as a bad thing, but after talking to some people they have agreed its alright. Here are some comments on some era players.

Vman13x: What do you think about on the removal of Bounty Hunters?
Pusherman: Well, I think its kinda unfair because they shut down bher, but not ppa, and bher was doing good, or atleast as good as ppa.
Vman13x: Do you like the new system or the old system better?
Pusherman: Well, I never really used the old system because sometimes bher members could not get the job done, but now with the new system if I put a 1k bounty on someone, I know they will get killed for the money because of the money and experience of the 150hp thing if I put 10k on someone I would have half of era running to get the bounty money, so yea, the new system is kinda better, letting players in on the action.
Vman13x: Alright pusherman thank you for your time :).

-UnKnown (Era News)

Neo Tech

This massive building was opened, Neo Tech sells high-tech weaponry. Right now they only sell the Neo Rifle (does 40dmg) and the Osiris minigun.
Neo Tech is currently owned by Gabriel(Sinkler).

-Nat (Era News)

Events Team Updates.

As Maverick became the ETA (Events Team Admin), many things happened in the Events Administration, a lot of events were developed such as new Gravity races, Gas chamber, Explosive chance and more!

Also, Events prices were changed, they introduced a new “Heli-Bomb” which is a flying guided bomb that you can control where you want it to go (2ECs for 6)! And the “Nuke” A bomb you can drop anywhere you like on the map and it kills anyone within a large radius!(8Ecs).

-Nat (Era News)

Gang gun removal!

Sales announced randomly that the gang guns were removed, and everyone who had one got 35k back. The news caused era player to be a little confused as to why they were removed. Sales also said that he had his reasons to remove the gang guns, and was planning on doing it for sometime now.
After interviewing an era player
Vman13x: What are your views on the removal of gang guns?
Xen: Well, I think that it was a waste of time. Sales removed it because it wasnt fair to others, but I think otherwise. Gang guns were one of those things gangs had that were special. It was a big mistake.
Vman13x: Since gang guns are gone, are the raids less interesting or more?
Xen: Less interesting. It was pretty cool watching each gang vs another gang with their own unique weapon. Its now just the same. Deagles vs SD cannons vs angels, ect.
Vman13x: Did the gang guns affect the raids?
Xen: Not at all, but made them more interesting!
Vman13x: Alright xen thanks for your time.

-UnKnown (Era News)

Era Wiki.

Era News staff started a Wiki site for Era while Era News was down. This site includes job guides, business guides, all the weapons stats and much more information about Era!

Here’s the link: www.era-wiki.wikidot.com

Although Era News started this project, EVERYONE can make contribuitions to the Era Wiki! Just read the application process in the site and apply!

-Nat (Era News)

Thank-You for Reading :-)

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Awesome! Great work!

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Just a quick comment as I don't really play Era... but when I was browsing through the post, at first glance the second image looked greyscale lol... it did in the second and third glance, as well.

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Nice to see you're still doing this :) I know it's hard to do now, but we haven't forgotten about the system; it's one or two items down on my todo: list.

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rachel's DD levels kick the **** out of these new ones. why was it changed? wtf.

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don't stop doing this!
( even then the system is up and running, don't take pictures and upload them here! do as you are doing right now :D )

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Good job and I do hope you continue :)

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I enjoy these :)

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Cool news, I enjoyed reading them, like real newspapers (with a video included XD)

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real newspapers (with a video included XD)

Daily Prophet, anyone?

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Exept one thing, why interview Xen and Pusher?
Why not interview a Leader of a gang and leader of Bher?

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Exept one thing, why interview Xen and Pusher?
Why not interview a Leader of a gang and leader of Bher?

Thats the exact reason. The point of newspapers is to actually interview random people. Its different point of views and what not.

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You should interview multiple "random people" with different opinions. Otherwise you might come of as biased (or just lazy).

Nice work though

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interview me next time. I'll give a totally non opinionated and unbiased answer.

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Ya sorry about that guys, I was originally going to do 3 people for each, but then sometimes I cant paste everything, and at the time I wasnt thinking lol. Next time I will do that :). Again sorry.

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DT has a point.
Might want to be more selective of your guests, three sides of each situation. Two Relative Guests, and one Unbiased one :D.

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These little things are always fun to read haha. It'll be nice when we get it set up on Era.

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haha nice editing darlene