View Full Version : Rum Runner Event Rules

07-02-2009, 09:49 PM
This is a large event. It's a complex event and the rules are going to take awhile so please be patient and start trying to understand them now.

This event is an RP Event that includes a lot of naval combat over 2 or 3 matches. Rum is extremely hard to obtain, so every

once in awhile MMT commissions the pirates to brew some up for them.

Because of its rarity, it is also quite valuable. This also means its a good thing to steal. The shipping schedule for the rum has been leaked and now its up to every entrepeneur on the high seas to try to cut some profit of their own. While the event will be ship fighting, it has to follow a certain script.

1: One ship will be designated the Rum Ship. The team of that ship will be the Rum Runners for that match.

2: All other teams will be working independantly. Teamwork is -not- allowed. After all, you're role playing a bunch of thirsty, backstabbing, thieves who want to steal that rum for yourselves.

3: You are allowed to fight other teams. If it is in your best interest to kill another team to prevent them from stealing the rum, that's fine. You can fight one another, but you are not allowed to cooperate.

4: The Rum Ship will be handicapped to make it easier to catch up to. In the last event if you missed the intercept the event was over and the Rum Runners won. The Rum Ship will have a "voluntary" speed cap of 80 or whatever ship damage allows. If a new ship acquires the rum, it needs to reduce it's speed to a maximum of 80.

5: Because this attempt does not allow the use of pk, the rum barrel must be stored inside the ship in a clear, easy to see, easy to grab area. No one is allowed to hold the rum barrel in their inventory.

6: To steal the rum barrel you need to ram your ship into the rum ship, hop aboard, grab the barrel, get out, and get back onto your own ship. I have consulted veteran captains on GK and they assure me that it is possible to get ships off of each other after they've been rammed together. If you successfully make it back to your ship, you become the rum ship and have to change your ship name accordingly. Make sure you put the rum barrel in the hold of the ship in plain view.

7: If you do not make it back to your ship, then you have to put the rum barrel back down in the hold and wait for your ship to ram in again so you can jump over. If you cannot return to your ship by the time the rum ship reaches port, you lose.

8: You can sink whichever ship you want except the rum ship. You can shoot the rum ship to slow it down, but don't sink it. If the Rum Ship is sunk then the current Rum Runner team automatically wins. This is insurance against sore losers trying to make sure no one wins.

9: PK is NOT ALLOWED this time around. Depending on how this event goes it might be allowed next time. Since this is pretty much impossible to enforce as an EM, I strongly strongly recommend you swallow your pride and go p-mode. Seriously, if you get pk'ed and lose a match because of it, I don't want to hear about it.

10: Cooperation with EMs. I might not have assistance for this event. Since the most complicated rules deal with handling the rum barrel I will accompany the rum ship at all times to make sure no one is holding it, hiding it, or not obeying it's speed handicap. With my wings I can fly onto ships with their ladders down even if they are in deep blue water. Leaving a ship though, I get warped back to the last unstick me point. Therefore, if you've recently become the rum ship and I'm not aboard, please cooperate with me so I can get onboard. If I'm buzzing around the ship for too long and not
allowed on I'll dq the ship and restart the match. Please comply with any other orders I may have to give in the match.

Any questions? Any fears? Any glaring problems?