View Full Version : RealDDc's brutal maps request

06-29-2009, 07:47 PM
Buying brutal maps in bulk of 50

525 diamonds or 263000 Platinum coins

Payment on minor amounts
7 diamonds or 3750 Platinum coins

Payment on joining brutal map leech run
5 diamonds or 2750 Platinum coins

Taking lower players trough their brutal maps for FREE

It doesn't have to be a stack, as if it is possible to get them when a admin creates them. Just as a deal in bulk, 50 brutal maps at one deal. While I don't value maps that are truely stack, by taking up one spot only in the invetory, any higher, I won't pay more for those kind of stacks, but also accepting them in a bulk deal.

I'd like to see this thread closed, as this is a buying request, not a thread to discuss. Merchanting via PM ingame, not on the forums.