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06-24-2009, 01:16 PM
For those of you who do not know what Classic is, it had been the main server for Graal for most of the games lifetime. After the switch to GS2 and a lot of mishandling with development admins. Classic is drastically behind the curve compared to the servers of present. Classic is a classic style server focused on PK/Sparring, Questing, Socializing, and Events, much like it used to be

What we need:
Graphics Team Members
Appplicants should have decent skills with pixel art and designing various decent quality images for the server.

Scripting Team Member
Applicants should be fluent with gs2, any example using GS1 will consitute bing rejected. Applicant must have moderate skill in coding and full understand such things as using triggers effective, the client and serverside effectively and object manipulation, etc. Commenting and intending properly is a plus.

I am also looking for one or two high quality tilers, if you think you can detail a level in a classic style without putting in tons of tiling errors or tiles that clash, etc. Feel free to apply but applicants will be help to high standards for tilers.

All applications can be sent here.
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Pointers: Fill out the areas as best you can. Do NOT tell me to come to another server to see your work, I dont have access to them. Send your work examples, the more the better, in the examples section in a link to an image hosting server. For scripts, I want to see the actual script so I can see your image, use http://rapidshare.com for scripts and levels. If those dont work, contact me in game or send me an RC PM.

Matt (Development Admin)