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06-06-2009, 03:19 AM
First let's recap with the last few days from Zodiac's in-game news.

May 26th 2009
A new Dark Knight quest has been released.
To begin the quest(s) you must have 40 Levels of Dark Knight
The quest can be started in a weapon shop on Agara

May 29th 2009
FAQ is still Hiring!
LAT is hiring!

May 30th 2009
The targeting system has been improved and made more flexible!
You can now be a tile off and still manage to target successfully.
In light of these changes a few MACRO-ONLY commands have been added:
+ /cleartarget - Clears your target
+ /targetmouse - Targets player/baddy near your mouse.
+ /targetclosest - Targets closest player/baddy to your player

May 31st 2009
Hypershadow9 is the new Player Relations Admin!
He'll be overseeing the FAQ and PR Teams congrats to him

June 3rd 2009
Just a small update that'll make traveling to Seryl easier!
On the east side of Main Island near Harborage Lighthouse you can catch a ride on the ferry that goes back and forth all day and night.

June 4th 2009
We have relocated our community Zodiac Forums, you can access it from: http://www.zodiacdev.com

Now that we're up to date...

After considering the suggestions in the map pack posts, I decided that I would re-script it after I fixed my issue with spamming the map key.

I finished it fairly quickly today, and it features a lot of the default Graal system except you can now see the Boats on the over world and the full map that downloads automatically. In light of that update I decided to spawn quite a few around the over world.

The map script isn't complete yet though, I still have to script the Map Tools that will allow you to mark locations, and I also plan on scripting a Risk like feature that will show you which locations are under which nations control.

06-06-2009, 03:28 AM
I should have mentioned I released a scripted map that basically replicated the default... It was released in the Code Gallery.

06-06-2009, 03:36 AM
I should have mentioned I released a scripted map that basically replicated the default... It was released in the Code Gallery.

Eh, what's done is done :P Thanks anyway.

06-06-2009, 04:10 AM
I know you're not finished and I know you've probably thought of these already but I'm going to post them just in case. I was going to post in a paragraph, but it'll probably be easier for you in a list.

I'm sure there's a reason for this, but I have no idea why it is on N rather than M.
Use a gani for displaying heads with a ZOOMEFFECT in it so you can see player hats on their heads. Attached a simple gani for that, but it was a pain to make as the hat position moves when you shrink the head regularly.
I like how the map hides people who are in stealth, but I don't like how it cancels out my stealth.
The font on the names are too small, just use the user default please. In addition to this I actually think many people use the feature of clicking on the playerlist to find certain people, or hovering over their heads to see who the person is; I'd like to see that on this as well.
I like the scroll speed and control, makes me feel like I'm viewing a map of a vast world.
It'd be nice if there was a glow around fellow nation members, or something that would allow you to identify them better among the crowds. Perhaps the same could apply for guilds/clan/party too.
Use an icon for the boats, rather than a head.
Display those respawn nation flags as 16x16 icons too, and represent the color of the nation that has them.
Personally set markers, party set markers, clan set markers and nation set markers! :D
Man, so many possibilities.

06-06-2009, 04:38 AM
Your keymapping might be f'd up. You can change that with the, /keymapping command.

Thanks for the list I'm going to try get all of them scripted into the system, and the head icon was just a placeholder till I can get GAT to make proper icons.

I'll probably exclude the Clan glow feature at first though since it would have to request the information from the server which is would just be very unneeded, and I hate that script the most lol.

- Changed Heads from Image to Gani
- Made it so your head was always visible even when in stealth.
- Added Flag Locations, it also shows the owner as well.

06-06-2009, 08:49 PM
The map looks great, nice work.