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05-29-2009, 04:59 PM
Hi Guys,
I'm selling some items.. If you see anything you like, Tell me :D

Purple Cloak of Sancity (x1)
Silver Star Roab (x1)
Green Cloak (x1)

Silver Plate Mail (x2)
Golden Plate Mail (x1)

Pearl (x341)
Emerald (x171)
Ruby of great value (x5)
Diamond (x17)

Flaming Sword (x91)
Xmas flame sword of Govannon +7 (x1)
Ice dagger of bile +4 (x1)

Lucky Boots (x3)
Glok Belt (x2)

Green X-Mas Wizard Hat (x1)
Evil Bomy Lord Helmet +12 (x1)
Pink Wizard Hat (x1)

Desert Bow (x1)
Wooden Bow (x1)
Ebony Bow (x1)

Some items have things like extra stuff or wahtever its called, If you are instrested in something pm me