View Full Version : Zodiac Update: May 24th

05-26-2009, 07:48 PM
Just reflecting whats on our own forums.

We are beginning to work on the core systems for V2, but the only visual progress you can see is the Login Screen / Character Select below. It is not finalized at the moment but you can be sure that it will support Automatic Login so you'll only see the screen for a brief moment while the server loads your character. We are hoping to get working to the point where you won't have to reconnect when you change characters.


In other news pertaining to the current Zodiac, during my "off-topic" scripting time I decided to finish an old project.


It makes it easier for the Uploader, and Uploadee (you) to have your graphics uploaded to the server. Uploaders are able to access the files and approve them before moving them into the public graphics folder for player consumption. It can also set transparencies for you :)

I will be adding a function so you can check the status of your upload from in game.

Generally three phases:
- Waiting to be transferred to the server
- Waiting for approval of Uploader
- Uploaded

In my other free time I plan on fixing up Blaster, releasing a Blaster CTF variant, and of course working on Zodiac V2.

06-03-2009, 04:59 AM
Look's awesome but the letters look a little dull lol.
Other than that.. can't wait!