View Full Version : Graal Kingdoms Triple Bash Spar

05-15-2009, 07:09 PM
Triple Bash Spar

When: Sunday the 17th, 2:00 PM EST
Where: Hotaru Arena (melee), Castle Spar (magic and ranged)

The triple bash spar tournament is a tournament I have done before. This is popular, people have always liked it in the past. The only thing it requires is participation, that's why it's being announced on the forums.

If you like sparring, at least try to log on and check it out. There are three kinds of spars, a traditional melee spar, a magic spar, and a ranged spar. Sounds corny? It's not. It's FUN.

It involves three spars because people have a surprisingly different range of specialties. Obviously the best at melee might not also be the best at magic, and ranged is always an interesting match.

Remember, people say that Kingdoms isn't fun because it doesn't have the player count anymore, especially with spars. Well, here's your chance to all get together.


If I can get enough people together, I'd like to do a ladder style match with increasingly better prizes for each step until you get the EC's at the end of each spar. If I get too many people [ha ha hardy har har] there'll be a free for all to qualify.