View Full Version : Games that should be thought about

04-01-2001, 02:41 PM
Bomy Bowling
Boat Races (Canoes or something)
Better Large Survivor Event
Boot Camp
Motorbike races
thats all for now

Crono Illusion
04-01-2001, 03:08 PM
Bomy Golf and Bowling would be fun.

Bomys could be bowling balls, and Humans could be the pins!
Bomy Golf would have Bomys in place of the golf balls.

Also, I have some ideas, too:

Bomy Mazes (Similar to those lab mice are put in, put a few bomys in a maze the first one to reach the end gets the prize)
Bomypult (Use a catapult to toss Bomys at targets, and points are given for distance and accuracy.)

Bomy Mazes would be for Bomys only, and Bomypult would be for the bomy being tossed and the human launching the catapult.

04-01-2001, 03:37 PM
Boot Camp would be a GREAT idea!

An amusement part, with rides and places where u throw a ball on a can and lose lots of gralats to win that teddy bear! lol.

Arcades where you can play games would be cool, like the pinball, only, you need more games!

04-01-2001, 10:09 PM
That's just another ripoff of a TV show as a Graal game.

04-01-2001, 11:52 PM
Originally posted by Fai
That's just another ripoff of a TV show as a Graal game.

Graal is a ripoff of zelda. Why not? were on a roll!

04-02-2001, 02:03 AM
But rip offs are fun

04-02-2001, 02:47 AM
Graal Smash TV would be 1337! You get moneyz for beating down thuggies

04-02-2001, 07:11 AM
Mazes are cool.

04-02-2001, 10:54 AM
Bowling and Golf would be very good... a golf similar to Kirbies Dream Course would be excellent.

04-04-2001, 09:03 AM
Get ready to tummmmmmmbllleeeee....

Crono Illusion
04-08-2001, 03:31 PM
How would Bomy Tilt N' Tumble be possible?
If it were to do the same thing as Kirby Tilt N' Tumble supposedly does, who would possibly be crazy enough to constantly tilt their computer in several directions?

04-09-2001, 01:43 AM
You make the bomy go into a pinball machine, then you get control of the pinball machine and move it around. You get to go to other "levels" and minigames. A, S(pace) and D are for things in the minigames, and in the levels, A is for flying. You have to pay for it, and at the end you would get a money bonus! If you make it there!

04-09-2001, 02:28 AM
graal mini games would be kewl cus when theres no events or stefans not on =) they are bored
i want bomy bowling maybe some lazer tag too!

04-09-2001, 07:39 AM
Don't forget "Bomy Tilt n' Tumble"! :)