View Full Version : Rising Sun's Second Kingdom Event

12-07-2008, 01:43 AM
So its my birthday tomorrow and I thought I would do something special for the kingdom so since its been a few months since I last hosted a kingdom event I thought it is time. Plus the player count has been good for the last two months.

Alright this event will be a scavenger hunt for items that the kingdom can use. So here is the list of items and how it will work.

House Kit- 50 Points (You can only turn a house kit in if you have turned in each of the weapons on this list twice)
Naginata- 2 Points
Bamaboo Stick- 1 Points
Sai- 2 Points
Samurai Wand- 3 Points
Samurai Shield- 2 Points
Katana- 2 Points

Bonus Points
Cannon Balls- Turn in 1k Cannon Balls for 5 Points.
Each Player can only do this once.

This event will start the moment this post goes up. The ending date will be 12/21/08 which will be on a Sunday. Thats just a tad more then two weeks you all have to collect items. You will be allowed to turn in items only during that weekend starting Friday. All items will only be turned into Maroku. If you have any problems about not being able to login that weekend then talk to him about it.

The prize which I bet all of you are dieing to know will be a kingdom item I have not hosted off yet. The item is already picked out by Tig but I don't plan to tell you which of the four kingdom items it is but trust me either one would be worth trying for. At the same time you will be able to help your kingdom.

The reason for the items listed is I plan to assist new members of Rising Sun with the equipment above if they need help starting. The house kit is to create a storage house on Rising Sun that will be used to store these items. Only selected people will have a key to this house. The reason for that is to prevent any thefts.

Also a consolation prize will be offered for anyone who doesn't win the event that earns 75 points or more. One last thing is that anyone who joins after I post this thread can not take part in this event. Anyhow you may begin so have fun.

12-08-2008, 09:15 PM
Alright so I noticed that some people have found a way to make easy points and I plan to fix it.
Bamboos are now only worth 1 point for every 25 you turn in. They will also be capped so you can't turn in more then 750 bamboos. Reason for this is because I don't want to void any work any of the players have done.