View Full Version : FAQ Application

11-11-2008, 06:42 AM
- Your account name
1) Ohnstad

- How long you've played Graal Kingdoms
2) Started in 02-03, don't really remember. I have played on a few different accounts, and currently have 2,030 on my main account.

- Nickname
3) Tommy Cartel

- The reason you'd like to become a FAQ
4) I love to help people, I am actually trying to find something to take up some of my time. I sit on Graal Kingdoms being bored. I also would like to help Graal Kingdoms more since I have done some bad stuff to Graal Kingdoms myself.

- Any additional information that you feel will improve your chances
5) I will always answer questions to the best of my knowledge.. I love helping people, again.. I am just now starting back to Graal Kingdoms, and I know a lot of history about it. I know how much a lot of items are worth, if not all just about all.

Thanks for your time. =]