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07-13-2008, 07:26 PM
If you haven't heard already, I'll tell you now. I'm trying to get some variety in the game by having scavenger hunts for odd things here and there. Some of which might take some effort.

It would make me happy to actually have to count through large piles of stuff to see who actually managed to win but for the most part I'm often lucky if I can get three people to even make it to the judging table. Even rarer do they have a pile bigger then 10, much less 20.

A lot of the problem seems to be the sheer amount of effort that is required to "get started" with some of the items that result from a large process, such as cooking. Most people don't even want to start and it can be doubly hard to compete if you don't have any of the necessary tools.

Therefore: I'm about to give you a list of stuff it might be good to keep around if you feel like competing in my scavenger hunts. It's not -necessary- because you don't -have- to compete, but it might make it easier to compete and more enjoyable because you're not running around trying to get everything set up.

1: A HOUSE: You can put all the tools and such that you're not using in your house.

2: Shovel, Axe, Pick Axe, Pliers: These are perhaps the most important tools in the game. Just about everything you do other then fighting will eventually require these tools.

3: Watering Can, Scythe, Breadstack, firshing rod, etc: These tools may be less important to playing the game but they are more important for my scavenger hunts. I will often be asking for things such as food items, or certain quantities and piles of produce. There might even be a pet related scavenger hunt for which it might be a good idea to have a brush to increase your chances of winning.

4: At least one seed of each kind of growable plant: Ever get the idea that just maybe there's gonna be a few cooking scavenger hunts coming up? They're one of my favorite anyway. There's so many food items its fun to me. Oh, and don't forget the flowers too.

5: A small pile of unused iron, coal, boards, and stones: Even though most my scavenger hunts depend on who can get the most, I will do some where its the first person who can get me everything on a particular list. Since this could be unique kinds of weapons and armors its a good idea to have a little bit of stuff handy to quickly run out and make something like a copper warrior helm.

6: A little bit of planning: Go around... see what types of ingredients various things take to make. No you don't have to be a hard core packrat like me who has a little of everything handy. Just keep an eye on things, maybe keep one or two eyeballs around for an eye shield. Don't know where booze is? Go explore the Nighthawk island until you find it and then keep a mental note. Did you know that christmas candy can still be bought? Well it can. Oh yeah, are you even familiar with everything that can be made at bakery's table? Oh yeah and its awfully hard to find anvils on kingdom islands that let you make things like plates and helmet skeletons. Bomboria is the most obvious place but people can steal your coal so maybe if you can explore and find other places where you can make those items in private... See what I'm saying?

8: Don't kill yourself: Compete for fun AND items. The more people who show up and the bigger the piles of stuff I get at the end the more I'll host. It's not like there's only gonna be 3 scavenger hunts a week. If you need to sit one out, sit out. If you know someone else has a huge advantage because they happened to have a pile of 50 million at home then I dunno... try to find a friend to help. I don't have any rules against teamwork or trading stuff. Just because there's no chance in hell of you ever getting enough to win doesn't mean you can't make a little profit by selling what little you do have to someone who's about to win. Also doesn't mean you can't help a friend get the prize.

7: Remember what I'm looking for: I already mentioned that I do like the misery of having to count through giant piles of stuff to see who wins. I love piles of stuff. I think it adds to the variety and depth of the game. It gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling and that feeling makes me happy and wanting to do more. Oh yeah, and I'm also looking for a little bit of not flaming each other. I don't want you to act perfectly [hell that'd be boring.], but I don't want it to get out of control either. It wears me out and that means less events.

07-14-2008, 12:11 AM
Extra Information:

Just because Maroku's super scavenger hunt didn't turn out so well doesn't mean that there won't be more. There's about two I have planned coming up over the next few months. Right now Monster Events and Scavenger Hunts are my two favorite, and RP events are my third favorite.

I've gotten good at the monster events. If I don't bungle them they're my most popular kind. Now I'm working on developing scavenger events. I want to make them easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Until I've figured out how to do them, they will be clunky, rough, and have problems.

RP events are just in development behind the scenes but those need more of a fertile environment to work out.

Also, scavenger hunt suggestions are appreciated if they're actually good.