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07-01-2008, 05:42 AM
I call this a prediction because a lot of them might not happen... m3h. NE ways....

1: Independence Day RP.

Assuming that I can get some final things set up with key RP'ers the island kingdom of Forest just might be stuck in a battle for their very independence! The majority of the actual RP will be done almost entirely in private between the immediately affected players, however we will try to make sure that "rumors" leak out for people to hear about and there will hopefully be related events for "everyone" to take part in even if you're not part of the RP or even in Forest. And if you want to be a jerk you can even pick the bad guy side. I'll give you a hint, the sign-up sheet for the bad guy side is with uh... well.... maybe I shouldn't say... It would spoil too much.

I'd like to draw this out over more then one weeked, even if it will have to be "put on hold" over the week.

Another addition... there might be an RP twist purely for story purposes. Um... it might be interested if you're interested in the workings of Forest or are just buddies with them but if you don't care... then well... you don't care XD.

2: Mystery RP.

Just that, a mystery. It's mainly a mystery because one of the key players is um... hard to predict right now and its hard to even set up details, although it would play in NICELY with the Forest Independence RP.

3: Fourth of July Fireworks. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get on during Friday or not. Even so I expect most Americans to actually be outside celebrating the 4th rather then being on a computer. Therefore I'll be holding a fireworks competition on the 5th. There will be two events, solo, and teams. Basically... whoever puts on the best fireworks show ^_^. I think this would make a good backdrop to the Forest Independence RP event.

*Note: I'm hoping that some of the RP's can carry over all the way onto and through the 12th/13th weekend. If not this weekend will just be a bunch of regular events.

4: On the 19th and 20th of July I will try to host a new kind of event. There are basically no rules, and the event runs for the whole weekend. This one is gonna be complicated though so once the instructions are put up make sure you read them all carefully or else you just might get very angry and disappointed. Oh yeah, and there will probably be a lot of warnings too.

5: On the 26th/27th near the turn of the month to August the benevolent emperor of Rising Sun has decided to help sponsor a super soccer tournament themed after the crashing of the meteor into the world and bringing forth the bomies. Rising Sun will play as itself, the Rising Sun, the warriors attempting to protect the world by kicking the meteor [soccer ball] back into space [north goal]. Team Falling Moon are the ones who will attempt to slam the meteor into the world [south goal].

07-04-2008, 03:30 PM
Update: The 4th of July RP event has been moved back. I would rather take more time to set it up to work well, rather then rush something crappy out now.

Right now given the nature of the event I'm going to aim it for Halloween and try to make it really good to be worth the wait. Just make a ton of fireworks.

07-05-2008, 08:50 AM
Awww.... SNOT!

Turns out that some idiot make the fireworks unfireable until New Years. Well... that event is dead now.