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01-05-2008, 06:20 AM
Name: Morgan Rainstorm
Hours: Well over 4000 hours.
Time Played (on GK): over 3 years

Over the 6 years I have played Graal It has never done me wrong. There are always your bad times, but then there is also the many many good times. If you stick through all of the bad times you are sure to exceed in the long run.

I am on Graal Kingdoms most of the day when others are, and I am willing to help the whole time I am online. I have a lot of experience in this department.

My knowledge on Graal Kingdoms I believe will help the new players greatly. I know everything there is to know about Graal Kingdoms. As soon as their is a new quest I am sure to gather up all of my information for it. I know economic prices, all/new kingdom items & leaders, shortcuts throughout the game, tips and advice on how things are done, all lords spawns and leveling techniques, what each god you pray to does, who you need to watch out for, the things you need to craft/alch certain items, how you obtain every in game item, and just the overall community of this server.
Once I am hired I stay loyal to my job therefore hiring me would be no regret, because I am very experienced in general and well aware of everything on GK.

01-05-2008, 06:27 AM
I know Morgan from both Graal Kingdoms, and Zodiac when she worked there while I was Manager.

She has helped me a lot with questions about gameplay on GK, and she was very patient with me during the time I couldn't get into my head what several things was for. Thanks a lot for that, by the way! :)

During her time on Zodiac, she was not only working on the things assigned too her, but she was always asking for a temporary FAQ tag to be able to answer questions - and people liked her.

I would definitely give her my vote, as I know she would make a great FAQ! :D