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01-02-2008, 11:51 PM
N-Pulse Events System

I’ve created a new Events System, with more features than the one used before. In the old system, when you won events you would get coins that you could buy Event Prizes with. That was the extent of the old system. Here are some of the new system’s features.

E x p e r i e n c e
The new system rewards players the more they play events. When you win events, you gain experience, usually 10-25 depending on the difficulty, and lose 1-2 experience if you lose an event. Certain events, such as the Weekly Spar Tournament, will offer much more experience.
When the ET begins the event, it compiles a list of players who are in the lobby. When the ET sets a winner, everyone who is not a winner is set as a loser, and loses experience. If you log off before a winner is set, it will catch you when you log back on and remove experience. The maximum level allowed is level 40, though for anyone to reach this level will likely take a lot of time.

Win Streaks – If you are on a win streak, the higher your winning streak the more experience you will gain for a win. A math function determines the amount of experience that will be added to the normal experience.

R e c o r d s
The old system kept your event wins, and ECs. The new system accurately keeps track of more statistics for you. All stats are displayed on your Event GUI. The Event GUI can be accessed by pressing shift + E.

- Event Level
- Current Event
- Event Wins
- Event Losses
- Event Streak
- Event High Streak
- Last Event Won
- Event Coins

C o m m a n d s
The majority of commands are still reserved for ETs. The commands ‘Done’, ‘Exit’, and ‘Leave’ work if you are in an event level. If you don’t want to use those commands, you can press ‘Exit Event’ in your Event GUI. ETs still control events through a list of commands; though the commands are much simpler then before. A GUI based ET command system is soon to be added. For now, hosting an event goes something like this:

‘setevent (eventname)’ [Changes the currently set event.]
‘message (message)’ [Announces the event with the specified message.]
‘start’ [Compiles a list of all players and warps everyone to the event.]
‘winner (accountname(s)/guildname)’
This command can work several different ways. You can set up to three different winners, or set an entire guild as the winner.

- winner The_Kez
- winner The_Kez dubby230 DesolateRestriction
- winner “Red Team”
- winner “CTF Blue”

The losers are automatically determined based on who was participating, and who is not in the winning list.

‘endevent’ [Cancels a currently set event if you decide not to host it.]
‘cancel’ [Cancels an event and sends an error report to RC.]
‘dq (account)’ [Removes 25 exp and sends the player to a 35 second timeout room.]
‘remove (account)’ [Removes a player from an event without penalty.]
‘reset’ [Removes guild tags from players if more then two are worn in the level.]

The old system would set your AP to 40 no matter what your AP was when you participated in an event. In the new system, when you enter an event level your AP is set to 50. When you exit an event level and enter a non-event level, your AP is set to what it was before. ETs are set to 100 AP instead of 50. So AP is no longer affected for participating in events.

E v e n t - C o i n s
Most events are still 2 ECs per win. The amount of ECs you get per win, though, is based on your event level. Players who are level 30 will receive many more event coins then players who are level 10. Keep in mind that ECs will no longer directly tradable after all of the new systems are in place. The amount of coins you get is slightly random, though some levels have a fixed amount of coins per level. It just depends on the math.

E v e n t - P r i z e s
The availability of Event Prizes depends on your level. Some prizes can be bought at level 1, some require you to be level 30 or higher if you wish to buy them. The better prizes will require higher level and more EC in order to purchase. Event Prizes will be tradable if you can’t reach the level, but ECs will not be tradable. An NPC will buy your ECs from you for a set price if you wish to earn gold.
*NOTE* The new shop system is complete, but will not be released until there is a reset. For more about that, contact me or any other N-Pulse staffer.

E x t r a - N o t e
The new system is in effect right now, but until there is a reset the level will be capped at 10 instead of 40. There will be a reset of the Event Levels when stats are reset, but anyone who is LEVEL 8 OR HIGHER will –NOT- have their level or experience reset. So level up while there’s time!

Kez Restriction

01-03-2008, 01:52 AM
Was the scrolling events bar fixed? Or was that fixed a long time ago? It doesn't remotely work on Mac.

01-03-2008, 01:59 AM
Sounds like a good idea, but the whole experience thing is a bit qwack...

01-03-2008, 02:39 AM
Was the scrolling events bar fixed? Or was that fixed a long time ago? It doesn't remotely work on Mac.
Fixed a long time ago in GS1, but I redid it again when the new sys was released.

01-03-2008, 06:36 AM
Fixed a long time ago in GS1, but I redid it again when the new sys was released.

Okay, cool.

But as far as your experience, I don't think you should take points for participating in events. I think you should take points based on how active they are in events.

So you could have a formula that somehow calculates the last 5 events and how long ago they were ... the closer they were the more points, in a way.

Sort of like the deviation in a classic sparring AP. 8 points are reserved for active. You could follow something along the lines of this:

Last week = 8
Last month = 5
Last 2 months = 4
Last 3 months = 2
Last 4 months + = 0

Just an idea, but I don't think you should take points if they lose an event, you should add several points for participation.

01-03-2008, 07:44 AM
I'd like to allow players to participate in events without any experience loss for losing. The problem with that is that the amount of coins you gain depends on your level, and if no experience is lost everyone will eventually end up reaching a higher level, which will mean way too many coins in circulation.

Either way, the amount that you lose for losing an event is only 1-3, and you win a -minimum- of 10 experience per win. You could win up to 40 for a normal event, and that's if you're not on a winning streak. So I did gear it towards those players who have a hard time comming by event wins.

I do like the idea of receiving benefits for your activity in events, sort of an opposite of how the spar deviation is set up.