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02-13-2007, 01:11 AM
Oh no, we are in desperate need of some storage houses on Samurai island! We have so much supplies with no where to put them all! Do Samurai a great favor and then collect as many nails and stones as you can get! The person who donates the most nails and stones will get a nice prize, the Samurai Gloves!

1) You must be in Samurai before the date of February 12, 2007 to participate.
2) Don't ask me or Shelly for help.
3) You should put your supplies in a bag with your name on it. If you can't put your name on the bag because you don't have a pen, have me or Shelly do it for you
4) The event will end February 18th at 5PM Eastern Standard Time.
5) Have fun!

EDIT: Buying your supplies is frowned upon, but can not be enforced unless someone has a screenshot due to lying. The rules for screenshots has to have the person's profile in the same picture as the trade. You can do that by selecting print screen button and paste it into paint. Also, if you buy the stones that have (magic) on the end they do not count, so please do not get mixed up. They can't be used for making a house!

02-19-2007, 05:29 AM
Congratulations to:

Cassy - 1,082.2 points
1800 nails
497 stone

Good job and thank you and everybody else who participated in the event (Hatred and Marcus)!