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02-05-2007, 04:06 AM
Make reports to staff members but preferably Game Police. For information in how to contact staff see here: http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79326

On certain maps if you relog you will be warped to the drop ship. To avoid deaths players will do this. If done enough times you will be punished. Once is an accident, twice is pushing it and three times, your done.

Idling for extended periods of time also falls under this rule. Judging what an extended period of time is will be left up to the GP enforcing the rules.

Punishment will be:
-forced to sacrifice your bounty to the Spar Bot
-/lock for an hour

Staff Impersonation
No matter what the circumstance is, don't impersonate staff members.
Directly - Making account names similar to staff members claiming your them E.G. jkool777, Tenchry_P3P, pooper20000
In-Directly - Claiming that the account you are on is staff. E.G. "I unknown123 am a staff member, listen to me or you will be banned."

Punishment will be:
-/kick from game play
-Forced to alter nickname (to something appropriate)
-/lock If fails to alter nickname

Door Blocking
If your somehow preventing players from moving upon entering doorways then that’s illegal. Also if you block a path for an extended period of time making them unable to pass that’s illegal. Shooting/Melee at doorways is still alright, except for with Mortars. Players will be removed from game play and explained to what their doing is wrong.

Punishment will be:
-/kick from game play
-/lock if continues

Spar door blocking
If you somehow use weapons to lame the door and the near vicinity of the door that is considered to be spar door blocking. Examples of this can be using gas grenades.
Shooting at the door is still considered legal. If the player can not enter the door without taking damage, that will be considered spar door blocking.

Punishment will be:
- If it continues excessively /kick from dropship

Box Blocking
Blocking doorways and the bottoms/tops of staircases with boxes is illegal. Don’t do it ;).

Punishment will be:
-Your boxes destroyed
-/kick from game play
-/lock if continues

Insulting other players is against the rules. Everyone is here to have fun, not get mad at one another. Insults don’t include calling people “noob” or anything. Players making the insults will be separated and ordered to stop the harassment. Being sexist or racist will result punishments to start at the “!” mark.

Punishment will be:
-/kick to separate
! -if harassment continues /lock
! -if harassment continues in dropships /mute (the Staff member enforcing the rules will warn of the consquences one final time before using /mute)
-if harassment continues when /mute comes off, most likely a Minor Ban
*Rule does not apply for players insulting staff members. Staff are given permission to /kick players that insult them until the player stops. If all the staff member is doing is /kick'ng the player, they are allowed to /mute them, NOT /lock them.
*I will step in as well if the harrasement doesn't stop (you don't want that because I have better punishment rights ;) )

Rules in Events
Breaking rules will result in punishment. Rules are displayed before events are hosted. Follow these rules. Its recommended no one uses the zone trading feature during events either.

Punishment will be:
-/kick from event
-if continues, /lock until Events are finished

Any type of glitch abusing giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players is against the rules. You will be made aware what your doing is illegal, but after that no excuses.

Punishment will be:
-/kick from game play
-if glitching continues /lock
-if glitching continues on alternate days, most likely a Ban

For more information on how to spot certain glitches see here:
“Insert link some time”

Any type of cheating device that’s detected will result in a ban ASAP. And don't think of being smart and using a trial file please, you can be ID/IP banned. If caught hacking ETs have permission to use any command they have to prevent you from playing (providing it doesn't conflict with other players playing).

For more information on hacks see here:
“Insert link some time”

If you evade punishment made, it is the GPs decision if you will be banned. Relogging to escape punishment after being warned multiple times will result in bans.

Different Types of Bans
Minor bans aren't issued for first offenders. More severe bans are.

Event Interruption - 3 Days
Message Code Abuse - 3 Days
General Scamming - 7 Days
Advertising - 7 Days
General Harrasement - 7 Days
Racism or Severe Vulgarity - 14 Days
Sexual Harrasement - 14 Days
Cheating - 30 Days
Advertising Money Trade - 30 Days
Ban Evasion - 30 Days
Speed Hacking - 30 Days
Bug Abuse - 30 Days
Account Scam - 90 Days
Hacking - Unlimited
Account Sharing - Unlimited
Multiple Bans - Unlimited

EDIT: This is not an exact list of how long you will be punished for a specific act. It is within the GPs and Admins rights to make their own judgement on how a player should be punished. Example: If you do a minor glitch over and over you may only recieve a 7 day ban, but if you do major glitches over and over you may get up to a 30 day ban.

If you feel you were punished unfairly, contact the GP/Admin via Forum PMs or use the Support Center (http://support.graalonline.com/index.php)

06-21-2008, 03:44 PM
*Created by Nataxo*

Reglas de Zone

Reporta a los miembros del staff pero preferentemente a Game Police. Para información en como contactar a un staff as click aqui:

en ciertos mapas del juego si tu te reconectas te enviaran al dropship. Algunos jugadores hacen esto para evitar la muerte. Si haces esto suficientes veces serás castigado. Una ves es un accidente, dos veces es sanción y tres veces, te vas.

-/ser forzado a sacrificar tu bounty al spar bot
-/lock por una hora

Pretender ser Staff
no importan las circunstancias, no trates de imitar a los miembros del Staff.
Directamente - Crear cuentas con nombres similares al del los miembros de Staff diciendo que eres uno de ellos.
por ejemplo: jkool777, tenchry_P3P, pooper20000
indirectamente - decir que en la cuenta que estas es staff. por ejemplo "yo anonimo123 soy miembro del staff, obedéceme o te elimino del juego."

-/kick del juego
-Forsado a alterar el apodo (a algo bueno)
-/lock si no cambia el apodo

Door Blocking
Si tu de alguna manera no dejas pasar a los jugadores en las entradas y salidas con puertas es ilegal. También blockeando un camino por un largo periodo de tiempo para hacer que los jugadores no puedan pasar también es ilegal. disparar, acuchillar en los pasillos esta bien, excepto con mortar. Los Jugadores serán removidos del juego y se les explicara lo que hicieron mal.

-/kick del juego
-/lock si continua

Box Blocking
Blockear pasillos y escaleras con cajas es ilegal. No lo hagas.

- Tus cajas serán destruidas
-/kick del juego
-/lock si continua

Insultar a otros jugadores es contra las reglas. Todos están aquí para divertirse, no pelearse a palabras con los demás. Insultos no incluyen llamar a la gente "noob" o algo. Los jugadores que estén insultando serán separados y ordenados para parar el harrasment. Ser sexista o racista será castigado cuando comiencen a usar el signo de exclamación (!).

-/kick para separar
!- si el harrasment continua /lock
-si el harrasment aun continua, podría ser Minor Ban
*Regla no es valida para los jugadores que insulten Staff members. Staff tienen el permiso de /kick jugadores que los insulten hasta que paren. (si los insultos son MUY MALOS)

Reglas en los Eventos
Romper las reglas de los eventos será motivo de castigo. Las Reglas son mostradas antes de los eventos. Sigue estas reglas. Es recomendado que nadie use el Zone Trading durante los eventos.

-/kick del evento
/ si continua, /lock hasta cuando el evento termine.

cualquier tipo de abuso de glitch dándote ventaja sobre otros jugadores es contra las reglas. Se te hará saber que lo que estas haciendo es ilegal, pero después no hay excusa.

-/kick del juego
-/lock si continua
-si el glitching continua durante días alternos probablemente Ban.

cualquier tipo de dispositivo para hacer trampa será detectado y será motivo de Ban ASAP. y no trates de ser inteligente al usar un trail file por favor, te puedes ser ID/IP Ban. Si los ETs te encuentran hackieando tienen permiso de usar cualquier command para pararte del juego. ( por esto podemos prevenir los conflictos con otros jugadores).


05-31-2009, 08:49 PM
Please forum PM or PM suggestions for the rules to me.