View Full Version : LAT: Proposal

Mark Sir Link
11-27-2006, 10:56 PM
The state of Classic's current Levels Administration Team is quite poor. In fact, dividing the group into seperate staff sections wasn't the best idea and probably hindered development, although I cannot be sure if any development was being done anyway.

Therefore, I suggest Classic take a leaf from the book of other Games. Make Development Teams. No, I do not mean NAT, LAT, and GAT. I mean dedicated teams where Scripters, Levelers, and Graphic Makers are joined together by skill. Have the elites as team 1. They can do all the hardcore work, all the mindblowing important quests. Team 5 can be the weak team, responsible for pushing out crappy mazes. Give each of these Development Teams an assignment and a due date.

Just please try out. You might be suprised.

11-27-2006, 11:32 PM
In theory this is great Kevin but requires bodies, especially those of the Team 1 category. It really doesn't matter much how the team is formed. (Lat) has worked just fine for Classic for years. Titles mean nothing, what does matter is that the team have the time and talent along with the drive to get the work done. It also requires a team not out for their own personal agenda's as well. Classic has seen so many reformations and new designs over the past 2 years I can't even remember what the original plan was.

With the number of complainers though I believe the Lat admin shouldn't be having to do the actual work since they are slammed so much with complaints the moment they log on they don't have time to actually work anyway. It would be good though if they had a general basic knowlege of everything though so they can be sure to keep corruption to a minimum.