View Full Version : serverr. flags not being communicated

09-25-2006, 04:44 AM
So, after two days of playing CTF games on Zodiac we started running into problems.

Two variables are saved as serverr.:
The team's flag carrier, the team's flag status, and the team's score.
The systems rely on these variables to communicate with the server when needed.
Unfortunately, all of a sudden variables randomly stopped being communicated.

i.e. Bob picks up the blue flag. Bob scores a point. Everyone's score shows as 0-1. Bob scores another point. The score still shows at 0-1, but the server knows it's 0-2. Bob picks up the flag. The server knows the flag isn't at it's starting point and that Bob has it, but it doesn't tell the clients that Bob has it. Bob's system doesn't think he has it, so it thinks something's wrong and takes the flag from Bob.

It's not updating random variables on the clients.