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09-05-2006, 12:51 AM
Alas, all good chases must come to an end...


The long nines roared through the silent night, breaking any peace in the still ocean air around the naval armadas. The iron scrapped along the target, almost tearing a hole into her armor.


A dark figure quickly dodged a cannonball on the ship as it flicked off and took the head of an officer.

"Hard to port! Prepare to fire, full cannon barrage!" The dark figure yelled. He looked down to the beheaded officer's body and scoffed. "And find me the next in line for captain!"

Below deck, the trolls loaded shots, stuffed the cannon, and aided in turning the massive rudder of the ship towards the target. They werent bright, but with a demon and mind control abilities fully in use, they were all as one.

"Open fire!" Yelled the man up deck.

'go' the demon thought. And a loud roar of cannons blasting a barrage twice the size of their target ripped through the deck of the chasing ship and sent the main mast splattering into the ocean. The ropes, still caught, dragged the ship slowly to the side, making it again vulnerable for a final, deadly, assault.

"Neptune's Revenge" The dark man said as he closed up his monocular. He turned to a fresh Captain of his ship and gave him his orders. "To the east, make for the red flags and that island of the Samurai, with all haste!"

The captain gave him a perplexed look "Dark Lord, uh.. which way?"

The captain did not see the blow that took his head off from his neck.

Bosh moved up to the wheel and took hold, turning the ship quickly into the direction of his destination. With the last pirate chaser ship crippled the sea was open for him and his final destination. And his new command.


The great island of Samurai...

He did not sleep that night, as had he not since his resurrection. His newfound strength was far greater than any he had posessed before. His sword's power had manifested and become an extention of his will, now they were one. As the sword could not die, neither could he.

"Land ho sir, its Samurai." Said one of the officers.

Bosh stared out from his seat at the wheel of the ship and saw indeed the formations of the island. He knew them well. Many years ago he fought countless battles on the land. Trying to take the nation from incompetant leader after incompetant leader. Now the new word was that a good able Emperor had risen to the throne of Samurai. And a marked letter had arrived for him no less than a week ago to come to samurai and set foot on its soil as the new Shogun. Bosh was optomistic, of course.but he still carried doubts and scepticism.

The ship sailed into the underground harbor under the castle as the doors were opened, they closed quickly behind the ship after it cleared the area. It came to dock at the enterance to the castle. Where the crew and their important passenger exited the ship, and made their way into the castle.

They were quickly escorted to the Emperor's Room.

"Ah, most honorable Bosh, Strategus of Zormite, Vice Governor of the Pirates, twice Shogun and Emperor of Samurai.." His words dragged with that. " It is an honor to meet you face to face. But I am sure you wish to skip formalities."

"Obviously, theres much to be done, Emperor." The proud commander stated. "A fleet must be built, an army must be conscripted. Where are your commanders milord?"

The emperor frowned with that question. "Dead, a horrible disease was inflicted onto our land a while ago that killed most of our men. Only a handful survived to repopulate. That is why we need you most, your legions of the darkness, your pit fiends we have come to fear. We will give you anything you require to begin summoning your armies. This nation must raise again!" The emperor slammed his fist on the chair with that. And Bosh, never forgetting his etiquett, bowed quickly.

"It will be done, Emperor." And with that Bosh took several more bows before leaving the room.

A pact was sealed that day, written with the blood of millions of inhabitents of that planet.

((We are now accepting all new conscripts into the army. PM me in game or Forum PM me for information on how to join. We will be holding events to promote and reward skilled soldiers. And I will be personally training you in the arts of war and military tactics.))

09-05-2006, 01:21 AM
Ok honestly , Bosh should get like freakin award for his RPing . I dont know anyone else who could think of something that good lol.

09-05-2006, 04:09 AM
Ok honestly , Bosh should get like freakin award for his RPing

Maybe he can get an Emmy for "Most Drama".

Maybe this means we'll finally attack Zormite.

09-05-2006, 07:59 AM
Maybe he can get an Emmy for "Most Drama".

Maybe this means we'll finally attack Zormite.
That depends on this:


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i kinda got tired at the end if you diddnt notice, and decided to hurry it up, it would have had more to it otherwise, lol

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"Disbandment", huh?