View Full Version : Player House Submission and Guild Rules

07-31-2006, 06:41 PM
Player Houses go in a house placed in a level on the overworld. You are allowed to make an outside for your house, but not required to. You can also request a location for this house, but realize that it may not be placed in the requested location, or may be moved in the future. The outside of the house has to be reasonable in size (less than a level). You are not allowed any scripts that would interfere in the quality of gameplay.

Guilds may only be in one alliance, and to add a new guild to an alliance, the leaders of that guild must all agree to adding that guild to the alliance. Alliances are granted immunity from hitting each other.

Guild Houses must follow the same rules as player houses, although inactive guild areas are more likely to be removed. All guilds wishing to have a guild house must first submit a flag image. They must have a reasonably sized area around their guild house. The area and flag must be visible to the overworld. The flag will go in this area, and the flag may be taken by other guilds. The guild area is also required to have controlled access for entering, but MUST have a way to exit for all players (for those not in the guild). The most efficient way to do this is with cliffs.

Guilds may also request a room to use for an arsenal. This room must be accessible to ANYONE who may come in the guild area. You can make this room defendable. If you don't have a room for an arsenal, your guild area will be where you must leave your arsenal. (yes, guilds will be having access to special weapons that can be taken from them).